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The life of a Boss

Published March 31, 2009 by Iniysa

My day started very early, as they often do these days; only something was a little different. Instead of being bone wary tired I was awake and full of life. I can’t say that for once I got enough sleep last night, as I didn’t. The night shift last night saw to that. But awake and in a good mood I was, so I happily went with it. New boss number 7 had other things to do for the start of the morning so he/she was not looking over my shoulder telling me how to do a job I have been doing for going on 5 years now. That in itself made my day better. Boss 7, seems like a good guy/gal so far. He/she’s fairly new to this, and this is his/her first time working a cafe by him/herself. I cannot judge just yet as he/she had only been here a week, so he/she has not settled in enough to be completely comfortable.

New bosses always start the same, they come in and immediately begin to change things. Why we need everything in huge binders, sitting on top of the counter instead of in the filing box below the computer where they were, I may never know; but I hold my tong and watch. Oh but it’s so hard to hold my tong, I like to know WHY!!!! Please share with me exactly what your thinking?!? WHY?!? But I digress… So after making a dozen or so useless changes they come at everyone completely gunge-ho about all his plans to turn this Cafe around! Were going to get all of the customers back from the other Cafe (run by the same company just a few miles down, who has more food then us.) back. Riiiiiight. I’ve heard THAT before! But my mouth remains closed and I follow his/her instructions to the letter. I’m not really doing anything different, but he/she does not know that, because everything he/she has asked me to do is the same thing I have been doing since I started. In fact the only reason the company even dose some of these things is because I started it.

Boss 7 is doing a good job so far, though. He/she had ordered enough food so that we don’t look like were going out of business anymore. There is actually food to sale! (Because there is only so many things you can do with half your case filled with 400lb of Chicken Salad. Sandwiches, grilled, plain, on the salad bar etc. There is only so much you can say to try and sale it all. ‘Oh yes the French are eating pounds of chicken salad a day! And they still have room for coffee and chocolate! And are still super skinny!’ ‘Oh all that mayo is low cal!) Okay so we don’t say any of that, but we think it! LOL!) But the horrible aftermath of Boss 6’s reign will be hard to fix however so were happy that were seeing even a little increase in sales.

Soon all bosses realize just what they have gotten themselves into. The boss before him/her let certain employees do whatever they wanted with only verbal warnings. It’s hard to increase sales when you haven’t seen a single customer go by in three hours. Boss 6 didn’t order any food. The Cafe is a dump cause Boss 6 only ever talked about cleaning. (Now don’t get me wrong, the food is good, on temp, all of the dishes are clean, the coolers the food goes in are very clean and the dish room is very clean. That said, the rest of the place is a dump, and Boss 6 had decided to cut hours to the point that there just was not time to clean anything but the important stuff.) (Rumor has it Boss 6 got demoted down to my position…Assistant Manager.)

The new boss is now feeling overwhelmed and creates a famous plan of action. Quickly more paperwork then any one person can do and sale at the same time is created. It’s used for maybe a month before employees begin to subtly start ‘forgetting’ to do it. Until said paperwork is only ever seen again a year and three new bosses later when said person is cleaning out their jam packed folders.

But until then the boss is gunge-ho once more. Sales go up, still not to projections, but up is better then down. That’s about the time that the company decided that despite the fact that your still a $1000 away from goal, there going to go ahead and up the projections just a mere $500 – $1000! Not to bad, right employees? You can bring in that extra $700 a day, right??? RIGHT????

It’s all down hill from here. Boss stops caring as much until he is spending all of his/her time in the office doing ‘paperwork’ instead of out working with his/her employees. Then one day, bosses manager comes in with the newest recruit and announced out of the blue that Boss does not work there anymore, but at a Cafe three hours away, effective immediately. Then the process begins again.

And THAT is the life cycle of my Cafe bosses. Do you see why I have chosen NOT to move up in the company? I’m completely frustrated as it is, I’m not adding anything to that one.

Back to me: I left work the moment my relief appeared, my car has been in the shop with a bad fuel pump for over a week now, waiting for a used one, and for me to have the money. But today I had it, my car works great and BETTER DEAL AUTO, was wonderful to work with. Because the walk to the auto shop is a little far they came and got my key. Then today when my car was finished they came and picked me up. Now I don’t know if this is standard for all automotive company’s but it was a life saver for me. There rates were very reasonable, and they worked with what I had. * * * * *!

Better Deal Automotive
16606 Stubner Airline Rd
Spring, TX 77379