Eating Vegetarian with Faux Meat: Light Life Smart Deli® Turkey

Published March 14, 2010 by Iniysa

Eating Vegetarian with Faux Meat: Light Life Smart Deli® Turkey


My first look at the fake meat made me almost stick it back into the fridge. Wow, it looks about as bad as the thought of meat makes me feel. Eww! My first taste, a tiny sliver made me pause. It held the tiny bit of turkey taste, but did not taste bad. So with a heavy sigh and a long pause, I placed two slices on my sandwich, then added Jalapeño cheese, tomatoes, lite salad dressing and a little bit of mustard on whole wheat bread. The ending result was a very delicious sandwich! It had all my favorite flavors including the turkey.

On the side I had the HEB (Texas grocery store) Brand Rice and Auzuki Bean Chips, and a glass of milk. In my store you have to fight for these chips, they are so amazingly delicious. I have only bought Natural Salt so far as I’m addicted. The milk is also HEB brand, this special milk tastes better then any regular milk, and it’s packed with Omega-3s! BONOUS! Now for my bottle of water, before I go searching for a Dr. Pepper. Right now, I still can’t live without DP, or maybe people don’t want to live with me when I haven’t had a DP? <G>


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4 comments on “Eating Vegetarian with Faux Meat: Light Life Smart Deli® Turkey

  • Yes……I find that I actually need the "fake" meat to help me eat a veggie sandwich. I like the salami one. I was actually just thinking about getting some of this so I can make veggie sandwiches this next week…..mmm…..

  • Now that I think about it the salami one is a yves brand…..I will check out my HEB and see if they still carry it or not. There is a local coffee bar that sells this item called a Garden Bagel… way ever to eat veggies: Toasted bagel, cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and sprouts….mmmmmmm

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