Wal-Mart is not Faux Meat Friendly!

Published March 19, 2010 by Iniysa

Wal-Mart is not Faux Meat Friendly!

My local grocery store has some great Faux meat selections, but there are brands and faux foods, friends talk about so I decided that since I had to go to a building next door to my Wal-Mart today, I would step inside and see what selections they carried. I was highly disappointed. I found the fake burgers patties in the breakfast isle, next to waffles. It was two shelves with only two brands and they were just thrown in there. Of the two brands, there were only two choices of what you could buy.

So I moved on to try and find fake deli meats, I found nothing, every employee I asked looked at me like I had three heads. There would always be a very long, pregnant pause before I was asked to clarify what I was asking. By the third person, I gave up and went home.

So much for my Wal-Mart’s grocery section, I could not even find stuff to make guacamole with, (My latest craving.) I’m glad I didn’t though; I stopped by my grocery store on the way home and found my favorite guacamole mix on sale, marked down to $.50, I was so excited I actually let out a tiny squeal.

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