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Volunteering at the International Festival: Houston

Published April 27, 2010 by Iniysa

Day One – 4/18/10

This year’s theme highlighted the Caribbean. I of course signed up to volunteer before I knew this, not that it would have made a difference but perhaps I could have prepared a bit more. Then again I had no idea that I would be placed in the museum area on my first day volunteering.

My mom came up from her home in League City for a surprise visit I enjoyed completely. After a nice walk in the park we left early enough to get lost. Boy did we get lost. The map had me on two streets I really never traveled on, in all my adventures downtown before. Had I know a lot more familiar streets were merely a few blocks down we may have made it to our destination without running. When we finally found the parking lot we had free passes to, we then had to find the festival, and then the entrance dedicated to volunteers. I changed my shirt to the volunteer shirt in the cramped space of a smelly port-a-potty, before running out only to be called upon right away to head to the museum area. I looked at my mom with wide horror filled eyes, the museum area? I may have learned about the Caribbean in middle or high school, but I sure don’t remember what is there; Jamaica maybe? I think Cuba too… That’s the scary part of being on the flex team; you don’t know where you’re going to end up.

I decided to wing it, (not that I had a choice, lol.) and learn things from passerby-ers and redirect. I cheerfully told guests when they asked about different places in the Caribbean that there were areas dedicated to each place that would not only tell them about the area, but you would find vendors from the area ready to tell you first hand! Redirect, redirect, redirect. I learned that the plant beside me on the right was a Figgie fig tree from a guest and happily shared this information to the millions who asked. (No one ever figured out what the plant to the left was.) I enjoyed watching the fake and poorly acted pirate fight (with real swards!) in the replica pirate ship right in front of my station.

Then finally our relief appeared and mom and I found our way back to the volunteer area were they were feeding us. I have volunteered at many, many events but never have the volunteers been so poorly fed; ball game nachos, popcorn and animal crackers??? And I am not listing the vegetarian dishes. This was ALL the food they had. After hours and hours outside baking in the very hot sun, that is what they put out in a buffet style area with other volunteers to dish it out for you? For drinks you had your selection of one of three cola products or water from one of those water tub things you find in offices and put your water in the cone type cups that can’t be set down, great. The water bottles were for the food only, as the staff would randomly yell at volunteers that even looked at the ice cold bottles. It was funny that all the staff seemed to have a bottle in hand and was drinking from them. Needless to say I was not impressed with the volunteer area.

Mom and I covered every portion of the fest as guests having fun just talking and walking. Mom received a phone call from my aunts who said they were downtown for church and wanted to see us. So we left, got lost again trying to get into the parking entrance of Lakewood Church, before we finally pulling into the proper garage and joining my aunts to see Joel, his wife and there music group go to work. Even my mom, who is Jewish, liked the Saturday service.

From there we went to Starbucks to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, where we talked, caught up and had a great time.

Day Two – 4/24/10

I was by myself this time, but since I knew what to expect getting there was a lot less nerve wrecking. Leaving however was a completely different story.

I parked in the parking garage this time, A/2; simple enough right?

I was early this time, so I had taken a walk to find someplace with real food to eat, why is everything downtown closed on the weekends? I think Houston is the only city I have ever been to that closes on the weekends, even when events are happening next door. I ended up spending $6 at an expensive hotel for two pancakes and a bagel. There was a buffet, with four hot food items on it, and the rest was stuff you would find on any Continental Breakfast. (Cereal, yogurt etc.) The cost for the buffet? $17 per person. Holy cow! I thought $7 was a horrible price for buffets with hundreds more items to choose from.  Then they tried to charge me more for what little I got, in which I showed them on the menu where it clearly stated the cost. Nice. They did apologize several times, though.

I spent some time in the volunteer area just relaxing in the shade watching people come and go before my team was called up to take the place of the previous team. This time I was going someplace I had more experience in. Security/Ticket taker, which I can do! IFEST has rules to rival all US Airports. No liquids, no weapons etc. Everyone had to be checked before entering and before giving there ticket. People waited in the long line only to not have a ticket, thinking that the event was free. Most threw a huge fit when they found out they had to chug down there water or throw it away. I went out there several times and made told everyone that they needed to drink there water before they got to the front of the line, no liquids would be allowed, but apparently there were some that did not believe me or ignored me when I passed by them to tell everyone.

That job was fun, even with people yelling at you; telling you what a horrible person you are because obviously, me; a mere volunteer, created these rules just to piss you off. Read the signs, people! We had some really good laughs at your expense, wow people can make a full of themselves when they are angry over a small water bottle.

When my relief appeared, I stayed behind to make sure they were properly trained as this was a much harder job then the museums. They sent me a bunch of teenagers; I hope they survived the angry masses.  There were a few places I wanted to go to that I somehow missed last time, before I headed back to the volunteer area, choked down some chips and cheese, was asked out by a guy that had sit across from me for awhile, then I went home.

Well I tried to go home at least. I think I spent a good hour looking for my car, did you know that there the parking garages are all hooked together and that they all have the same names and colors? So there was a LOT of green A/2 levels. Then I had to find my way out with all the roads that lead to 45 closed. After getting on several wrong roads in an attempt to get to the right road I eventually made it back to 45 south.

Over all, I had a great time!

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Water is it Safe to Drink?

Published April 21, 2010 by Iniysa

What does it mean when a neighborhood sign has been posted that says they will no longer be filtering our water? Instead they will be adding chemicals to it that will make it no longer safe to drink if you have kidney problems? Also your not going to want to put it in you fish tanks.

I get a lot of kidney infections, no matter how much water I drink; does that equal kidney problems? It happens so ofter that it no longer stops me from working and doing the things I need to do.

I don’t want to drink from bottles, for recycling reasons, but I don’t have nor can I afford a filter at home. I can get 40 bottles for $3, which will last a long time. Also, this is not my house, I might be moving in the next upcoming months…and I need a filter that will take out whatever chemicals they will be putting into the tap water.

Or maybe I am over reacting… I usually am.

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Writing – A Quick Post

Published April 21, 2010 by Iniysa

I need to write! I have so many ideas in my head. I have a group of people waiting for me to post the next chapter of a story I have been writing for awhile now, I lost my notebook and what I had written in Word has disappeared. I have had Word open for over three hours now…with nothing but the words: Chapter Seventeen.

I AM SO DISTRACTED! Every time I go back to Word, knowing exactly what goes there; I then promptly find something else to do. And don’t say I don’t want to write, I want to…NEED to…sigh…maybe tomorrow. But I am so busy!

Chapter seventeen…blah!

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A Better Me

Published April 19, 2010 by Iniysa

I have taken the next step in becoming a better me. The first starting to loose weight, which I have 80 pounds to go, and several steps still to get to.

I became a vegetarian and feel much better because as well.

I have begun to write again, releasing some of this weight on my mind.

Today I start the next step of trying to live a better much more healthier life. I start my yoga classes at DAHN YOGA, with the hopes to feel better about myself and move forward positively. Today was the personal session to find out what I need to work on. I learned a lot about myself and that I can still bend in ways I did not think possible at my current weight.

In the meantime I am budgeting. Trying to find things I can stop to save that little bit of money to take these classes. Anyone want to make a donation? 🙂 I am cancelling my gym membership, that’s an extra $10 a month. I don’t use it, and I am probably going to be moving soon anyways.

Eating vegetarian can be very expensive. But it keeps me from eating out for the most part. And I really do feel good not eating meat. I need to really look at prices and make sure I am getting the best deals possible.

Stopping my massive Dr Pepper consumption is one of the things on my to do list in the weight loss department so I am going to start cutting back on that. If I stick to it, it will save me about $55 a month and when I quit all together it would save me around $70 a month!

I have already had my Netflix account on hold for quite awhile.

I’m already clocking in 16 minutes early everyday at work to try and make up the time I lose getting off early almost every night. Maybe I should start working slower to extend my hours, but by then I really, really want to go home and curl up in bed.

I don’t really go out and do things to much, when I see a movie it’s usually at the $1 Theater. I need to trade my half price books to going to the library. And I need to start charging people gas when they ask me to take them places because I am using way, way, WAY to much gas. Of course my car seems to drink it like I drink DP!

I need to see if I can get a better deal on auto insurance. Mine is charging me and arm and a leg it seems.

Any other ideas? I wonder what I have that can be sold on e-bay…

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Fan Fiction – Thunderbirds – Alone

Published April 17, 2010 by Iniysa


English – Drama/Angst – Alan T. – Published: 03-14-10 – Complete

Disclaimer: I do not own the Thunderbirds. No money was made from the writing of this short story.

A/N: This was actually supposed to be a comedy, from Alan’s prospective only hearing his side of the conversations during rescues. Well that is until the huge portion of my brain that thrives in drama and angst took over, and although I think it does have its funny parts, it’s mostly nothing like I had planned. But what is? <G> It took everything in me not to make it a chapter fic. I can’t handle another one right now, lol. So a one shot it is, have fun! All mistakes are mine. – Lauren


Lauren Freeman

Alan sat back in the comfortable, yellow, highly cushioned desk chair that rolled around the main office area of Thunderbird Five. Massive and small computer screens almost surrounded the young adult, monitoring everything his family and close friends could think would ever need to be monitored. Typing up a report on the green laptop in front of him while a red laptop to his right ran system diagnostics on the space station, was what kept him busy at the moment, though he had not been bored at all in the last thirty minutes. A minor system overload, not big enough to send alarms off back on earth but big enough to send the stations alarms blaring had occurred, waking him out of a dead sleep. Rubbing his forehead again from where he had smacked it on the top bunk…again Alan glanced over to the red laptops display.

Alan had not yet been trained in the electrical systems on five to the extent that he could automatically fix this kind of problem. By the time Alan had stumbled into the office the alarm was shutting off as the system went back to normal. Still, the station held an almost brand new electrical system after the Hood attacked it only three years previous. Since then Alan had spent at last a month up here during his summer vacations, and was now going to college from his computer so that he could spend extra time on the station, which he had come to love only a little less then John. He was currently in his second straight month on board Five, for the first time without his space-case brother. A small beep from the red computer told Alan that a problem had been found so he turned his whole attention to that monitor, as he pressed send to the report he had been writing. He would send another report as soon as he knew what the problem was so that he could get information on fixing said problem.

Frowning at the reading’s he was receiving, massive power fluctuations had been happening since the last time he had run the major diagnostic, which he was required to run twice a week. Small checks were run everyday, but they would not have been able to see this. It was a wonder alarms had not been going off before this. The only reason the alarm went off in this case was because it had messed with the life support system for 0.05 seconds. Not enough time to be felt, but a massive problem none the less. Deciding to bypass the report for the moment and just call base for immediate help he was only slightly surprised when the video screen lit up indicating someone from base was calling him. At 3:32am, he wondered who was up at that hour, checking e-mails. His bet was between his dad and John, the latter probably had a small alarm attached to any e-mail that came from the station so that he always knew what was happening. Alan hit the green button and was surprised to see it was both.

“Hey, I was just about to call you… yes…a system alarm went off at roughly 3am indicating there was a problem, but had turned back off by the time I reached the office. I immediately began a major system diagnostic and it had just indicated that since my last major scan, yesterday morning; there have been some massive power fluctuations…No, nothing noticeable by me. As far as I could tell nothing was wrong, the lights haven’t even dimmed. But…Right the reason the alarm went off is because for a tiny bit of a second, it affected life support…” Alan’s brother and fathers explanations were drowned out by the sound of a different much more familiar alarm. International Rescue was being called to duty.

“Right, I understand, your sending Brains up to look at the problem and if need be evacuate the station do so. I will have the space suit and emergency escape pod powering up while I take this call. Five out.” Alan spoke quickly before hitting the red button to hang up while at the same time hitting the transmission button to the radio signal the cry for help was being sent from.

“This is International Rescue, we received a call for help, is anyone reading?” There was a long pause before Alan heard anything. “Sir? Sir! Calm down please. I will be able to understand you if you can please calm down.” Meanwhile Alan was tracing the call from a dozen different smaller satellites positioned around the world. A view of New Zealand appeared then zoomed down to a large boat miles from any land, slowly sinking.

“Captain, I need to know your coordinates”… Alan hit the emergency signal that would wake all of Tracy Island and send them rushing to the command center, he already had an open IM window up so that he could send all information he had to the command computer. At the same time he was already powering up Thunderbirds One and Two and setting the water pod up for Two to pick up. “And does the ‘Pun Intended’ have enough life boats for all three hundred passengers?… Sir, this is not the time to become defensive! I am not the law enforcement, I need to know how many lives need to be saved here…Sir, your boat is sinking, people could be dying, do you really want to argue over my tone right now?… An apology? Fine, I am sorry for my tone, now could you please give me straight answers without the stories and…Sir!” Alan was looking at screen that showed a clear picture of the ship with a look of disgust. The lights flickered around him.

“Captain Neptune! I don’t care if you like me or not. My job is not to be liked, it’s to make sure as many lives can be saved as possible. Now please tell me why I see all of your crew taking up all of the life boats, most are not even near full and evacuating? I don’t think a single passenger has been evacuated!… Yes I can see you!…How, is not important… Violation of privacy?!?”The lights flickered again. Thankfully the fluctuation was not messing with communications or monitors yet, just the lighting. Alan glanced at the red computer which was showing the status of the emergency escape pod and space suit in a closet behind him. Both were powering up much slower then they were designed to. Alan shuddered at the thought that they might not be fully powered if he had to evacuate. He could do it manually but he needed to try and see this rescue through, no matter how much he wanted to hang up on the man. Normally he would have disconnected by now, but he needed the captain to start taking charge of what was happening on his boat. As of right now there were a dozen life boats sailing away only half full while two hundred and fifty people were stuck on a sinking ship.

“Captain, do you have enough life jackets for the people still on the boat?” Alan interrupted the ranting and raving man on the other end of the line. Alan shook his head in dismay, as the man did not even stop to answer the question. It was time to cut the man off and bring in some help from the ships closest to the sinking ship. Quickly contacting the ships with much more official and commanding captains, he arranged them to come in close enough so that the passengers could be ferried off from Two if needed, and if worse came to worse other passengers could just swim to the other boats. The lights shut off for a minute then came back on. Alan glanced at the red laptop which was not blinking a red warning sign; the last fluctuation had turned off life support completely. Alan cursed under his breath, knowing that, that would definitely send an alarm off to command. He knew he had ten minutes of good clean air before things would get stale really fast. His father appeared on screen, not even bothering to wait for him to answer the call.

“Dad, the fluctuations have stopped the set up of my emergency systems, I am sending this rescue down to you so that I can start manual set up. If possible don’t have much communications with the ships captain… Yes well, I’m sure you will see what I mean. I have to…” Alan was cut off as the entire station went black. Alan groaned before turning directly around and feeling for the door handle of the emergency closet. Grabbing the small portable green oxygen tank he set it beside him, it would give him an extra hour of oxygen if he could not get the suit’s oxygen up and running before then. He missed the old space suits; they were so much simpler, get in them and turn on the oxygen. The newest ones were all computer it seemed. They had to be started up, the battery was only kept half charged, so they had to finish charging in order to have full use. Normally this would not be a problem a full charge only took up to thirty seconds, except that the systems set to power it up were affected by the problem, and it had been charging like you used to have to charge a cell phone. At the rate it had been going, it would have taken a good two hours before it was of full use. Shaking his head, Alan stepped into the suit, the can of oxygen going in with him.

The suit was more like a pod itself then any kind of suit you would wear. Stepping in, meant you opened a small hatch then close it behind you. Then you sat on a small seat in a cramped box that used controls to move robotic arms and move the suit’s wheels in any direction or if out in space move thrusters. But it was only designed for short distances, which is where the escape pod came in. The suit fit perfectly into the pod, and was set up to connect to all pod functions so that you never left the suit. If you had to escape without the suit, you could step in and pull out the seats folded into the floor board. The pod could take him all the way home if needed, but was meant to move far enough away from the station that should anything happen to it, the pod and its passenger would still be safe. Thunderbird Three was equipped to catch the pod if needed and bring it in to her haul.

Turning on the pod’s power to seventy-five percent which is where the charge had been up to before the power cut off completely, Alan began to move the suit out of the closet. He knew immediately when atmosphere turned off in the station as the suit’s space features turned on, and he had to carefully propel the suit with the suits lite thrusters designed to be used indoors without fire, so there would be no risk of starting a fire. As he began to feel the air become stale, Alan put on the portable oxygen tanks mask and turned it on. He did not want to use up the massive power it would take to turn on the oxygen system in the suit until he either had to or it was fully charged.

He moved into the escape pods small room where there was also several giant batteries set up to charge the pod, just in case something like this happened. Plugging in to the batteries, he turned them on and groaned at the read out. Some how the power fluctuations had depleted one and a half of the three batteries, shaking his head at his lucks sudden turn for the worst he began to calculate exactly how much power he would need to connect the suit to the pod, turn on the pod, merge the systems, run life support, and fly him off the station because it could take a very long time for Three to manually dock, lock, get the hatches open, start life support on Five, all so that Alan could just leave. No, emergency procedure clearly stated that he was to leave as soon as possible, he had no idea what was causing the problem or what it would do next. Shaking his head, Alan decided to send the rest of the power to the pod, and then carefully turn things on that would use the least amount of power possible. It was becoming very cold, and Alan could not help but think about the Apollo13 mission so long ago, so many years later and he was basically in the same boat. The moment the battery power transfer was completed, Alan began to move the suit into the pod, and was relieved when the pod did as he asked using a lot less power then what it was designed for.

Once all hatches were closed, Alan began the long process of manually turning the bare necessities on. Life support, hummed to life, along with the much loved heat, which he could not turn off, as it was coded in with the oxygen. Then using the only portions of the navigation system he had turned on he ejected himself out into space and watched as the hatch he had just come out of close off only half way before freezing in place. Alan shuddered again, he had not thought about the fact that the hatch was powered by the problem system, he had no idea how he had been able to eject out without power. Shaking his head he suddenly felt, very, very alone. Knowing he needed to keep busy he set the basic systems to keep him near the station before he began to write a program that would hopefully merge the battery system of the suit with the battery system of the pod to hopefully give him more power.

The moment the power systems merged the Pod turned on to full power and immediately began to turn on the most important parts of the system not already manually turned on. The display in front of him came to life showing what was going on around him, what was happening with the pods power and oxygen levels. And then the button of all buttons, the transmission button, quickly hitting the button that would contact base he was relieved to he his fathers face who looked just as relieved.

“Yes, I’m okay…No I could not contact you before now, this was the first time I have had enough power…No they did not charge fully and the emergency batteries had been half sucked dry…I had to change the systems a little to merge the batteries of…Really?…How is the rescue?…Seriously, the captain insisted on going down with the ship, despite there being plenty of time to be evacuated?… Well I’m glad Scott kept Gordon from letting him drown…Okay, so maybe glad is to strong of a statement…Okay, okay, I agree with Gordon, they should have just…Yes sir…Three should be here in an hour? Good…Well tell them all I am fine, no harm done, just waiting it out in my own life raft…No I probably should save the battery life just in case my bad luck continues off the station…Alright I will…Pod One out.”

With that Alan sat back in the tiny pod, turned off the screen with the setting to turn back on if anything changed, and began to watch the stars. He was half asleep, when he felt the Pod jerk violently. Looking up at the now active screen he noticed an unusual power drain from somewhere, which had caused the pod to go back to basic systems at some point, so he would not have gotten the message from Thunderbird Three that it was approaching or that it was going to pick him up. Just as he was set into Three and the hatch to the giant rocket was closed all power within the small machine turned off including life support. Hitting the exit button, he was dismayed to find that it would not work. He grabbed the large wheel to do it manually but suddenly found himself without any oxygen. Grabbing the small tank, he realized he had never turned it back off when the main power had come on and it was empty. He put all of his strength into turning the wheel, but it did not budge. Without oxygen, he could feel himself getting weaker and weaker, black spots took over his vision before everything went black.

When he became aware again, he noticed first that he could breath. A mask covering his face pumped precious oxygen to his lungs. The second thing he noticed was that he was no longer cramped in a tin can but stretched out on a warm soft bed with a light blanket covering him.

“Alan?” Alan moved his head slightly towards the noise. “Alan, I need you to o-o-open your eyes f-f-f-for me, please.” Alan could only groan, he felt so weak and tired. “A-A-Alan, You-you-your eyes, please.” Alan groaned again before forcing his incredibly heavy eyes to open. Each lid felt like they were taped closed. “G-g-g-good.” A bright painful light shined into his eyes and he quickly surrendered himself back to the blissful darkness once more.

When Alan woke up again, he was much more awake, and dismayed to find himself back on the island under Virgil’s watchful, worried eyes. No longer on a mask, he was free to turn his head and look around the large infirmary where his entire family was passed out in one awkward position or another. Alan looked back up at Virgil who was grinning having followed Alan’s glance.

“At least they finally fell asleep. I thought I was going to have to sedate the lot of them.” Virgil sighed. Alan just shook his head.

“What happened? I remember there being a problem on the station, a rescue, with a really annoying, crazy captain, having to escape, then nothing…”

“There was some kind of virus in the stations system, were not sure how it got there or what triggered it to turn on, but it did and it was also in the pod’s systems. When Brains could not get you via transmission, he called an emergency and pulled you in. By the time he got down to you, you were passed out and not breathing for an unknown period of time. You still had a slight pulse however so we know it happened after he got you in. He resuscitated you, but had a very hard time waking you up, you were awake and seemingly aware for less then thirty seconds before you went out again. He quickly piloted you back here, where he and I have been watching you closely since. You must have been exhausted; well that and I’m sure the very slight concussion you somehow gave yourself judging from the giant bump on your forehead, made you sleep for over twenty-four hours. The entire house had been worried and hovering the whole time.” Virgil told him, Alan could only shake his head and roll his eyes before giving off a small grin.

“Well, I’m glad it’s over.” Alan whispered, he was mainly just relieved in that moment to no longer be alone, then the lights went out.

A/N 2: This was a one shot, think what you want about the last line; I just could not help but put it in. LOL! Maybe the virus made it to the island? Or maybe Virgil flipped a switch so that Alan would rest some more. Shrugs and grins evilly. No, no, no, no, a one shot! I suppose with the fact that I made Alan stop breathing again; I could have put this as a third story in the Breath of Air series, but I didn’t. 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed, don’t forget to review! – Lauren

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Fan Fiction – Twilight – Bugs

Published April 15, 2010 by Iniysa


Lauren Freeman

A/N: So, I have never written, or shall I say, finished a Twilight fic before now. I have written this one twice, the first time was on paper, and unfortunately it disappeared before I could get it onto my computer. Not sure which one was longer, but this is supposed to be short so it does not really matter. I did this from Bella’s prospective while she is very ill; there might be mistakes with the grammar because I don’t normally write like this. This takes place between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Hope everyone enjoys and remember to review! G – Lauren

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, nor do I own anything to do with Twilight. This story is making no money.

English – Hurt/Comfort/Angst – Bella & Edward – Published: 03-14-10


The cold hard textured white tile of the bathroom floor feels like heaven on my extremely warm, burning even; cheeks. I don’t understand what’s happening; this tiny room with its annoyingly nauseating blue wall paper is all I know. I don’t look at the wall if I can at all help it, but sometimes I forget. Little yellow flowers of different sizes crawl up and down the walls in single file lines, sometimes I wonder if any have ever broken formation and crawled over to me, crawling on me… I throw up again into the white bowl sitting on a white chair full of water which remains above me from my normal position on the floor. Not much comes out, what little bit of water I’ve managed to drink down.

I don’t know where the cups of water are coming from; they just appear beside me randomly. I simply close my eyes and when I open them again, well sometimes things have changed. The first time I woke up, a pillow and blanket had appeared. Sometimes I hear a man’s voice above me, but I don’t understand what he is saying, and his voice is not the voice I want to hear.

Sweat soaks through my night clothes; the wet feels nice, cool; until I’m suddenly freezing. I know there is someone out there that can warm me up just by holding me, just as I know that there is someone out there that could cool me off the same way. The thought of the two sets of arms confuses me and the room launches to the side knocking me off my slightly sitting position back onto the floor. I am cold now, I grab the blanket and pillow I had shoved against the wall while I was drowning in sweat and curl up trying to warm up. It helps a little but not much it’s like I am cold all the way down to my bones, I briefly wonder if bones can freeze; I think I used to know that answer, I suddenly don’t care.

I want the warm arms, I need to warm up. The need punches me in the gut, the need to be held, the need to remember who the sets of arms belong to. The memory of those arms makes my heart throb, and I begin to cry, slightly hyperventilating. Where are my arms, I need to be held, I need to remember! I dry heave into the bowl again, the word toilet comes to mind, but the word has no meaning.

My stomach hurts so horribly, twisting painfully in every direction. The room begins to spin constantly again and I bury my head in my pillow, eyes tightly closed, it barely helps. My head is pounding, my entire body hurts, this is my entire life now and I know that those arms could help me. Please help me. I close my eyes and for a brief moment there is peace, but the moment ends very quickly. I wake to noise again, but it’s a welcome noise, I am freezing again and this time I feel myself being moved slightly into the arms of one of my angels.

The warm arms cradle me and I can’t help groan with a deep pleasure as I tuck my freezing face in his neck, my nose is stopped up, eyes watering, his arms feel so good. He is gentle as he rocks softly and talks to someone. I don’t understand anything he says, so I just stare at the tan skin so close to my watering eyes. The name Jacob comes to mind and I know who this is but it makes no more connections. I can lie like this for eternity that is until I am suddenly unbearably hot.

As if reading my mind, someone appears in the doorway of the room that is becoming smaller and smaller, white blissfully freezing arms take me out of my Jacobs hot arms and I sigh again. As sick as I know I am, my entire world fees right. Edward. He talks to me, but his words are just noises, I am unbearably exhausted, my eyes close of there own accord. I’m not sure if I fall asleep again or not but the next thing I am aware of is the fact that I am in a different room, a different place all together it seems, a place with books everywhere and a giant table looking…desk. I am still in the arms of my Edward angel, but another man, as white as my Edward is leaning over me talking. I can only stare silently. The man frowns, then I closed my eyes.

I wake up much more aware. I know where I am. Carlisle’s office, lying on an unfamiliar bed, wrapped in a blanket with Edward lying on his side in front of me. A pressure on my right arm alerts me to the IV, no doubt bringing me out of my dehydrated state. The headache is gone, I feel almost normal except for the fact that my body feels very weak and sore.

“Hi…” I croak, my voice is rough and my throat is so dry. Edward smiles warmly before placing a straw up to my lips. I suck in the cool water greedily. He puts the empty cup on the desk next to him.

“Man, that flu hit me like a sledge hammer.” I mumbled, to weak to do anything else but talk. I see my Edward wince, before nodding.

“You had been sick for two days before Jacob came to check on you having heard from his dad, who had talked to Charlie that you were sick and would not leave the houses one bathroom.” Edward gave me the crooked grin I love so much. “When Jacob got there, you were shivering but so hot even he could tell. The family and I were away hunting, he called my cell phone from your phone and told me you were really, really sick and that I needed to come take care of my fiancé. I grabbed Carlisle and we ran back to Forks. I went to get you and Carlisle came here to set up for your arrival. Your fever was so high, you kept mumbling something no one could understand, and you didn’t seem to understand anything anyone was saying. I’ll admit I was scared.” Edward whispered a faraway look on his face. I frowned; I do not really remember any of it, just a great longing for something…

Carlisle knocks on the door to announce his presents to me, being Edward would have known he was coming from Carlisle’s thoughts let alone hearing the footsteps.

“Bella, it’s good to see you awake and aware.” Carlisle smiles warmly. I nodded. “Your temperature is back down to normal, the little bit of fluid that had started to collect in your lungs is gone, your going to be just fine with just a little more rest.” I nodded content to rest anywhere where Edward was. I could feel my eyes growing heavy, I looked up into Edwards, smiled and told him I loved him, then fell into a healing sleep.

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Published April 14, 2010 by Iniysa

How do you clear an infection without going to the doctor? I somehow bit my cheek last week, and instead of healing and going away like it normally does, it swelled and now I keep accidentally biting it! I have tried swishing salt water and hydrogen peroxide (separately, and without swallowing obviously.) Both of which have worked before, but I think I am doing worse damage in my sleep.

Now I think it has become infected, food bits have probably gotten into it. I am constantly swallowing blood, my left cheek feels huge to me, I’m afraid to look in the mirror, and I think it’s now spread beyond the small spot where it was to begin with.

So why not go to the doctor? That requires money, even with insurance. I have not met my deductable so it’s full price. I am good to get to eat every day. No meal can go over a dollar, which does not lead to a very nutritious life at the moment.

I blame this on room mate two. Who leaves her TV on at all times for her dogs, goes and turns the AC down to 60 degrees F, when the rest of us are fine to live with fans blowing on us. She stays home all day long using the A/C, microwave, oven and constantly opening and closing the refrigerator. Our electric bill jumped up from $90 to almost $300! And she is the only one who is ever home. I take my computer to free wifi spots so that I am not using electricity running my computer. If it’s not in use, it’s unplugged. And I have energy saving light bulbs, so the fault is not mine. Anyways my portion of the electric bill had to come from somewhere, and the only place left to pull from was my food money.

To make it worse, despite me saying that I could not afford to chip in if my room mates decided to get a internet, cable, home phone bundle, they went ahead and did it. Now that one of my room mates is leaving next month, they are going to expect me to just pull that money from where? I would get a job, but I don’t have a steady schedule at my full time job, where I am expected to have open availability.

So in conclusion, doctors = $, and I doubt they will accept my $1.50 that is all the money I have until payday. Sigh…

So how do you get rid of an infection without going to the doctor?

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