A Full Rough Draft in Just One Year?

Published April 14, 2010 by Iniysa

This might not sound like a big deal to some, but for someone who has been just trying to figure out where and how to start, this sounds like an overwhelmingly major deal.

How do you take characters that have lived in your imagination for so many years and bring life to them on paper enough to do them justice? Then there are the blurry characters I know are there but have not shown themselves fully in my mind. These are the one’s I know will appear out of the blue while I am typing one day.

Is my story line original? I have never read a book like the one living in my head, but there are millions and millions of books out there… that thought alone is daunting. I just have to keep telling myself that because I have never read a book like mine, means that my characters will be original and mine, making this my book.

So where do I start? I have tried the beginning but have had little luck, perhaps a detailed outline? I have only written one before, it was for one of my fan fictions, the story was a sequel and I was having a lot of trouble, much like now. But then I also had a lot of readers waiting for each new chapter, I won’t with this one, I am not going to release the book until it’s published, though you might get small pieces as teasers and when I really need help with something.

So an outline it is, here is a very basic summery for you.

This is the first book in a trilogy about a small group of young adults in there first years of college. When they stumble across a chest in a dirty attic they find a mystery that will take them on an adventure no one ever thought possible.  Science Fiction/Fantasy. Includes time travel, new planets, massive supernatural evil villains, and new friendships.

Wish me luck!

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13 comments on “A Full Rough Draft in Just One Year?

  • You start with a hook, finding the chest. Your first chapter should bring your reader immediatly into the action as you introduce your characters. When someone picks up your book, you don't want them to put it down.
    You've given yourself a daunting task. time travel, new planets, massive supernaturalevil villains – all this requires a terrific amount of reference work, especially creating new worlds. Middle Earth didn't just fall out of Tolkien's brain. He developed the history, religion, languages, names, places – all BEFORE starting his story. World building is difficult if it is to be believable.
    You're talking about three books. Have you given thought as to what happens in each book?
    Best of luck Invisa.

  • Yes, each world has a name, what it looks like and the basics of it's people and what the planet basically looks like. I am building on them as I go and will really build on them as I write. For me as long as I know the basics of my people and their world the rest will come to me as I write. If nothing else I have a basic summery of all three books. Being I know where they take place, the major characters that appear in the book, and I sort of know the gist of what will happen. But I am still working on things like sub-plots and smaller complications that will arise. Thank you so much for your comment, it helps, a lot. :)Lauren

  • World building as you go can be difficult. It's very easy to forget things you've done in the past and redo them differently in the future. Especially if your worlds are as complicated as it sounds to me they are. I hope you don't leave VOX as I'm interested in how all this works out. If you leave, please drop a note so we can keep in touch. I'll post something on here so you can see what I'm talking about. Good Luck!

  • Please do! Maybe I should take a year for preparation. I wasn't planning on writing all three novels in a year of course, just the first; but I like the thought of knowing everything before hand. Your right of course it is a very daunting task. LOL. And in my head, new ideas are always forming, things are changing. For example: I think the chest is now going to be a large old messenger bag. And I'm not so sure I am going to start at the beginning. I'm afraid I might bore the reader in introductions. Instead I might bring in flash backs or bring up how they got into this mess in flashbacks letting the reader learn about what's going on, how it happened and everyone's character as the story moves forward. But then I have never written like that before so it will be an experiment. If I like it, then it stays, if not, then the beginning comes back and a bunch of stuff changes. LOL. Languages, I thought this was going to be my biggest challenge. I joke that I can't speak English properly and its the only language I know. <G> But I have plans to avoid this problem with the exception of one planet.

  • Sorry I accidentally hit post before I was done. I have a plan for this language, much to linguist horror I'm sure. I know how I will write it, how the words will be pronounced but I need to write it all out so that I don't accidentally deviate. Right now this is the last plant they will be traveling to before heading home so I have a little more time before I really have to dig into it. Politics are what I am going to have the most trouble with, I think. I hate politics, so I really try not to pay much attention unless it's for something really important then I dig into that subject. I know the basics of how societies are run but not really beyond the first few basic levels they taught me in high school and I see in everyday life. I want to know a little more on the subject so that I can make different planets and cities…well different. But my characters are not really going to be spending a lot of time submersing themselves into the cultures as they are on a time sensitive mission with evil villains after them.

  • How much interaction will your travelers have with the peoples of the worlds they visit? Will there be different levels of technology on each world, is one more advanced than another? You've got a great start in your mind. Now you have to get it on paper. I will tell you this. Once you've created these worlds and filled them with thier own people with their own varied culturs, you will be able to return to them over and over for future novels. This is the beauty of plotting out well developed backgound. I have on the web some decriptions of how I built the world of Erde, which I'm using for two novels (The Block and The Myth of Kyrrell Swamp). You might find it interesting. http://www.users.qwest.net/~yarnspnr/worldbuild/worldbuild.htm
    I love to see writers take the chance of biting off a huge chunk. I'm sure you know your project won't be easy, but it will be extremely gratifying as you move ahead. If I can be of any help, just ask. Oh, have you given the first novel a namne yet?

  • Ah, names…no, lol. My brother and I have been calling it the Sinkrad series for years, but I have not come up with names yet. For my stories the name usually comes as I write, the same with the chapter names. <G> I will take a look at your site, thank you! And thank you for offering to help! I will most likely take you up on that offer. If you need any help with anything in return, feel free to ask! My characters will be traveling a lot. But sometimes they will be sleeping in small villages, or big cities, gaining help from different aspects like the knowledge of the people and library's. But mainly they won't have a vast amount of exposer to any one person outside the group. The other characters are mainly there for filler, comedy, answers, and problems. The town gossip who does not realize she's the town gossip. She knows everything that's happening everywhere in town and has the type of personality that makes you want to spill the beans. Or the OCD man who is slightly bi-polar that is helping them one minute and yelling at them for no reason at all the next. The drunk who is actually very, very smart…when he is sober. Everyone with there own story of how they got to that point, to how they are now. Vast amounts of knowlage given in small doses hinting and cluing the reader and characters in to what happens next and to what has already happened meant. Like a puzzle, but mostly they will be dealing with themselves and all the complications that entails.

  • Well I could use a good proof reader. Not so much for spelling or grammer but more on what works and what doesn't if you know what I mean. I'd be happy to return the favor too.
    I hope you've written all this down and it's not just spilling out of your brain. <G> Enjoyed your character selections as well. Do you have them all fleshed out?

  • Ah, characters, I have my main's all mapped out, (and written down! <G>) But there personalities are changing. My sweet little quiet character is turning out to be quite the smart ass. 🙂 Hmm, I'm usually fairly good at beta reading and finding what works and does not. (Much to the horror of the people who send me there work. LOL.) (Horrible at reading over my own work though.) But time has been an issue lately. I can read through it, but it might not get back to you for awhile. Maybe a chapter at a time? 🙂 My e-mail is iniysa47@gmail.com

  • Good Morning. I sent you a test email to make sure we're connecting okay and that you have my email addy.
    You know, everyone has difficullty critiquing their own work. They're too familiar and read right over obvious mistakes. The trick is to set it down for 24 hours then go back and critique. That way it's new to the mind and you won't read 'their' for 'there' or 'they're.' Of course, a spell checker won't pick that up either.
    Good critiquers are worth their weight in gold to a writer. They don't tell you something is good, they tell you WHY it's good. That's so very important.
    My chapters are very long. I'll probably send along a scene at a time making it easier on your time and patience. 🙂 I don't want to overwhelm.
    Who's your protagenist? Male or Female? I think you said somewhere that your antagenist is a demon of some sort, no? Just making sure I have the basics down. 🙂
    Looking forward to working with you.

  • My Protagonists are both male and female. 🙂 It starts with two females then the males come in later, if I begin at the beginning that is, lol. Send it over! When I don't send over my work to my beta readers, that is what I normally do. Set it a side for at least a few days so that I can read it with fresh eyes. Then I normally to it again just in case. LOL..

  • Okay, so there isn't a single protag that stands out. The group is the protagonist, right?
    Beta readers. So that's what they call critiquers today, eh? I'm feeling my age again. 🙂

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