Published April 14, 2010 by Iniysa

How do you clear an infection without going to the doctor? I somehow bit my cheek last week, and instead of healing and going away like it normally does, it swelled and now I keep accidentally biting it! I have tried swishing salt water and hydrogen peroxide (separately, and without swallowing obviously.) Both of which have worked before, but I think I am doing worse damage in my sleep.

Now I think it has become infected, food bits have probably gotten into it. I am constantly swallowing blood, my left cheek feels huge to me, I’m afraid to look in the mirror, and I think it’s now spread beyond the small spot where it was to begin with.

So why not go to the doctor? That requires money, even with insurance. I have not met my deductable so it’s full price. I am good to get to eat every day. No meal can go over a dollar, which does not lead to a very nutritious life at the moment.

I blame this on room mate two. Who leaves her TV on at all times for her dogs, goes and turns the AC down to 60 degrees F, when the rest of us are fine to live with fans blowing on us. She stays home all day long using the A/C, microwave, oven and constantly opening and closing the refrigerator. Our electric bill jumped up from $90 to almost $300! And she is the only one who is ever home. I take my computer to free wifi spots so that I am not using electricity running my computer. If it’s not in use, it’s unplugged. And I have energy saving light bulbs, so the fault is not mine. Anyways my portion of the electric bill had to come from somewhere, and the only place left to pull from was my food money.

To make it worse, despite me saying that I could not afford to chip in if my room mates decided to get a internet, cable, home phone bundle, they went ahead and did it. Now that one of my room mates is leaving next month, they are going to expect me to just pull that money from where? I would get a job, but I don’t have a steady schedule at my full time job, where I am expected to have open availability.

So in conclusion, doctors = $, and I doubt they will accept my $1.50 that is all the money I have until payday. Sigh…

So how do you get rid of an infection without going to the doctor?

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2 comments on “Infected

  • Well since you said you weren't willing to pau for cable tv/internet/home phone bundle and if you are not using it then you don't have to come up with the money…..they need to figure that out. Also, if the other roommates are also bothered by how much the utility bill has gone up you all need to sit down and talk with said roommate about it and if she choses not to change her ways than say the bill will have to be split in a different way as the a/c does not need to be at 60 degrees and tvs don't need to be left on all day for her dogs (as I have a dog and he does just fine without it)……….that's just my 2 cents is all. I have has these issues before as well….

  • You would think right? But no, there is no meter here that says which room used the most electricity, and who opened the fridge the most. It was agreed upon in the lease that we would split this evenly. What get's me is that she moves out at the end of the month, so all the electricity she is using now, she won't have to pay for.

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