Life as a Vegetarian – One Month In

Published April 14, 2010 by Iniysa

Wow, has it really been a month?!? In a way this has been both the quickest and longest month in history. And to further make this complicated, becoming a vegetarian cold turkey (great pun?) has been so much easier then I thought it would be, and yet so much harder then I thought possible. Confused? I am!

I have not had any meat in an entire month, though there have been several very close calls. From ordering what I have always ordered on a menu without a second thought, to going places with people and seeing things I have always really loved. Then there was the cravings, good God; the cravings. Thankfully there are a lot of fake meat substitutes! My latest meat craving was chicken strips, half a small box of fake chicken strips and a lot of ketchup later, craving fully satisfied.

On the other hand, I feel great! I feel almost…lighter? It’s a strange but good feeling. I have also taken to cooking when I can afford it. Finding the grocery store that has the best selection has been fun, and the winner is? HEB and Kroger! So far, HEB is the only place I have found the Smart foods. Oh but Randall’s has this brand called Eating Right that is awesome too.

On the other hand of the cooking thing, I have yet to find a recipe I really like. I have books and magazines, and nothing I have made has made me want to ever make it again. Anyone have any good vegetarian recipes?  I am thinking about trying to doctor some of my favorite recipes.

Animals, some people seemed to think that I could care less about them. That is far from the truth! I want to try to change this misconception. I did not become a vegetarian because I was going PETA. I went vegetarian because the thought of eating meat repulsed me. Now having done all the research I could so that I would know how to make this big change, I read a lot about what animals go through. I am still not going to become a active PETA member, but I understand more on that aspect of things too.

I have never really liked eggs, so for the most part I use the powder vegan fake egg stuff that seems to work out fine. However when it comes to deviled eggs, all bets are off.

Thanks everyone who has supported me though out this, especially my Mom K who went out of her way to make me a portabella mushroom burger for Easter and decided to make the steaks after I left, because I have always loved steak, and I might have given up right then for one of hers.

I will endeavor to keep you updated on how my life as a vegetarian is going. Oh, and did I mention I could give blood the other day? I was afraid of what my IRON count would be, if it’s under 38 you can’t give blood. Mine was 39! Go multi-vitamin!

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