A Better Me

Published April 19, 2010 by Iniysa

I have taken the next step in becoming a better me. The first starting to loose weight, which I have 80 pounds to go, and several steps still to get to.

I became a vegetarian and feel much better because as well.

I have begun to write again, releasing some of this weight on my mind.

Today I start the next step of trying to live a better much more healthier life. I start my yoga classes at DAHN YOGA, with the hopes to feel better about myself and move forward positively. Today was the personal session to find out what I need to work on. I learned a lot about myself and that I can still bend in ways I did not think possible at my current weight.

In the meantime I am budgeting. Trying to find things I can stop to save that little bit of money to take these classes. Anyone want to make a donation? 🙂 I am cancelling my gym membership, that’s an extra $10 a month. I don’t use it, and I am probably going to be moving soon anyways.

Eating vegetarian can be very expensive. But it keeps me from eating out for the most part. And I really do feel good not eating meat. I need to really look at prices and make sure I am getting the best deals possible.

Stopping my massive Dr Pepper consumption is one of the things on my to do list in the weight loss department so I am going to start cutting back on that. If I stick to it, it will save me about $55 a month and when I quit all together it would save me around $70 a month!

I have already had my Netflix account on hold for quite awhile.

I’m already clocking in 16 minutes early everyday at work to try and make up the time I lose getting off early almost every night. Maybe I should start working slower to extend my hours, but by then I really, really want to go home and curl up in bed.

I don’t really go out and do things to much, when I see a movie it’s usually at the $1 Theater. I need to trade my half price books to going to the library. And I need to start charging people gas when they ask me to take them places because I am using way, way, WAY to much gas. Of course my car seems to drink it like I drink DP!

I need to see if I can get a better deal on auto insurance. Mine is charging me and arm and a leg it seems.

Any other ideas? I wonder what I have that can be sold on e-bay…

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4 comments on “A Better Me

  • Two points. Try American Family Insurance for your car. They've always been good for us. With the DP thing, change to diet. If you've been drinking regular, you'll lose 10 pounds really quick. You may not like the taste of diet pop now, but that changes quickly. Then you'll hate the taste of regular pop.

  • Ah yes, a great idea. Thankfully there is a used bookstore right across the street that lets you take 10 free magazines a day. Unfortunately to get to the magazines I have to go into the bookstore…

  • I will look into that insurance, thank you! As for diet…that's easier said then done. I have a really good hate for diet DP. I mean, gag reflux activation. And it takes a lot to get my gag reflux going. A couple of days ago I ordered a DP and they gave me diet, I was driving home when I took a big swig of it…It's probably best no one else was on the road. LOL. Thanks for the advice, I think I am going to try to change over to something that tastes good and is healthier. 🙂

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