Water is it Safe to Drink?

Published April 21, 2010 by Iniysa

What does it mean when a neighborhood sign has been posted that says they will no longer be filtering our water? Instead they will be adding chemicals to it that will make it no longer safe to drink if you have kidney problems? Also your not going to want to put it in you fish tanks.

I get a lot of kidney infections, no matter how much water I drink; does that equal kidney problems? It happens so ofter that it no longer stops me from working and doing the things I need to do.

I don’t want to drink from bottles, for recycling reasons, but I don’t have nor can I afford a filter at home. I can get 40 bottles for $3, which will last a long time. Also, this is not my house, I might be moving in the next upcoming months…and I need a filter that will take out whatever chemicals they will be putting into the tap water.

Or maybe I am over reacting… I usually am.

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3 comments on “Water is it Safe to Drink?

  • the chemicals in the water will make your kidney act up you should get a small water filter or just buy 1 gallon bottled water and get it refilled thats what i do that way you only uses a few bottles and there no throwing any away.and you might want to try drinking more water 40 bottles of water should only last a week or less so maybe you are getting enough water why you are having kidney problems

  • Depending what chemicals they're putting in the water, you can't be sure any kind of mass market filter will get rid of them. Bottled water companies like Culligan sell 1 gal or 5 gal water jugs. They ret you the cooler and pick up and credit your account for empties. We get four 5 gal bottles a month for around $28. Here's to healthy kidneys.

  • These seems to be one part of a bigger problem with our society. Chemicals are used to "cure" or "purify" everything. If a child is being unruly then throw some pills at it. If food is being eaten by insects then toss some cancerous sprays on them. If filtering water is causing too much work then dump some checmicals in it. Our socitey thrives on the quick fix and if we can mess with the checmical make-up of a certain thing to "patch it up" then why not?

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