Writing a Novel: A Change of Thought

Published May 11, 2010 by Iniysa

After much thought and a lot of talking to another writer here on VOX, I have decided that I am going to spend this year planning and mapping out my trio of books instead of full out writing. With creating new planets and all that entails, all the people on those planets my main characters will run into, I have found that I have a daunting amount of ground work to cover before I move forward in my writing. So with that in mind I will plan to begin writing the first draft of my story next year, which of course sounds like forever from now, but when I look at every thing that needs to be planned out…I might need more time then that. LOL!

So wish me luck and feel free to write your advice I can use all the help I can get. <G>

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10 comments on “Writing a Novel: A Change of Thought

  • I have bouts where I write like crazy followed by times of careful editing. Sometimes I have to rearrange the timeline when I notice a mistake. Othertimes I find myself adding in something I never planned but suddenly seems right. I don't think I could have the same results if I tried to make up a plan to follow. ui.

  • LOL, I know how that is. I am always trying new ways of writing to see how I write best. For the most part I have no idea really where the story is going, or I will know the end result but have no idea how I am going to get there. So story outlines won't work in those cases. However occasionally I will have a mass of info for my story, and I will take the time to outline it so that I don't forget it. I have hundreds of ideas and bits and pieces of things running through my head at any given time so if I don't write things down I will most likely loose them. I may not stick completely to the outline but if I have enough info, I have found them to help tremendously,.

  • Thank you! Sorry I have not been on my computer much lately, I am having problems with it and my incredibly advanced phone won't let me write anything anywhere in VOX. (I can read see the site, but I can't write a blog or reply to anyone. Really, really annoying.)

  • No problem. I haven't been on Vox lately myself. I'm used to sites where people discuss writing rather than only politics. Don't forget you have my email so if you need to get hold of me that's probably the best way.
    Good luck!

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