The Morning Workout

Published August 22, 2010 by Iniysa

Wake up. That’s always the best first step to any morning workout.

The next step and probably the hardest would be getting out of bed. You lay in bed, eyes tightly shut going through every single reason why you need and want to get up and workout.

‘I want to loose weight.’

‘I want to fit into smaller clothes.’

‘I want to feel better about myself.’

‘I need to be healthy.’

‘I have to get out of bed sometime before work.’ Etc.

After a good half hour to an hour you roll over, open your eyes and groan. You can do this! No I can’t! Yes I can…groan.

You sit up then growl, loudly. Hair goes up in a ponytail, then you dig out your workout clothes from the place you hid them hoping to never see them again. Finally after putting them on, and thinking of every excuse why you should not do this; ‘it’s way to hot outside!’ you roll out your yoga mat and do a warm up before grabbing your phone and music and hitting the pavement.

Ten minutes later your already wanting to turn around and are thinking of all the roads that will take you right back to your front door long before your chosen route has been completed. But with every fiber of will in your body you keep going straight when said shortcuts make there appearance as they always do.

‘I got out of bed and am already out here might as well finish this!’

You pass your landmarks silently screaming with joy that you made it this far, got to keep going.

You reach the last shortcut. Your only a mile from finishing your route, but your hot, thirsty, exhausted and you realize you haven’t actually finished your route is months, you always take that last short cut. So maybe this is not a shortcut, it is the route now. You know that’s a lie you tell yourself to try and make it right. You need to do the whole route eventually. That shortcut is coming; you have to make a decision. Finally you decide to just pretend you never saw the shortcut, opps you missed it! Have to finish the full thing now, there is NO turning back.

Suddenly there it is: home, Gatorade, air conditioning, a cold shower, a bottle of water and my bed, that of course is when you realize… you’re starving.

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