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Where Does the Good Go?

Published January 4, 2011 by Iniysa

What do you do when your life has decided to stay in one long bad moment? How do you force yourself to get out of bed in the morning? Face the people who like to go out of there way and make it worse? How do you take that first step every day knowing that what waits for you is even more misery and bad moments? When does the good out weight the bad? When do you face the fact, again; that this is just life?Right now your not in a good place, but the world will tilt itself again and at some point the odds have to turn out in your favor, just long enough to out weigh the bad times and perhaps make you forget just long enough that when the bad times hit again, and they inevitably will; you can face it.

It’s all life. You get up in the morning, because you have to hope that today will be the turning point. You take that first step, because if you don’t things will only get worse. You face the people who will dish out there own life problem on you because every once in awhile there is that one person, having a good moment, that will make you smile for the first time in you can’t remember. That one person that will keep you afloat, even if just for that day.

God knows life is hard, he is always sending out life rafts to those in need of them. Will you see it when it gets to you? Or will you pass by it, to far gone in your own misery to notice the blinding light standing beside you?

Where does the good go? And how do we get it back?