Nightmare Author

Published August 17, 2011 by Iniysa

I read a lot of short and novel length stories here and there as I find them. The summery has to catch me first or if a certain author I like wrote it, I will grab it. A lot of the things I read are published chapter by chapter as they are written, some stories I have been reading for years, but they are so good I look forward to every single update.

Recently I stumbled onto a new story by an author I’ve never heard of. The summery was good so I read the first (and only) chapter that had at that point been published. The first chapter was great, well written, understandable and a plot line I knew I would like. So I reviewed it, praised the author for a job well done and told her that I was looking forward to the next chapter. I then added it to my story alert page so that I would receive an e-mail when the story was updated and moved on to the next story on my list.

Now my e-mail box pretty much remains full with updated story information. I am busy enough writing my own novel, working and reading that I don’t always get back to a story right away, sometimes there are even multiple updates before I come back to it. Try telling that to this author! Not ten minutes after the second chapter was put up I received an e-mail from the author telling me that it had been updated. I thought that, that was nice of her, making sure I knew. Twenty minutes later another e-mail appeared, this one was long, telling me about commen courtesy stating that when someone reads a chapter they should review. I replied that I would in fact review as soon as I read said chapter. She wrote back:  ‘Just saying…’

Whatever, I was slightly annoyed, but I figured I had let her know that there would be a review given when I read the story. Apparently not. She must have thought I was going to drop everything right then and there and read the chapter because just fifteen minutes later yet another e-mail appeared with a long paragraph about reviewing and how impolite it was not to do it etc. By this time I was more then annoyed but I didn’t what any other e-mails so I read the chapter, quickly realizing that it made no since what so ever. The first chapter must have been heavily edited by someone else or something because this was not the same story. I read it, re-read it but could not make any sense of any of it. Thinking that this was a one time thing, maybe it’s supposed to be like this and it will all make sense in the next chapter, I gave a standard review before moving on.

Chapter three came out and the e-mails started again. This time she had read a chapter of one of my stories and reviewed it. So now the e-mails talked about how when one reviews your story you should feel obligated to review theirs. I wanted to bang my head up against the wall. After the second chapter I had no real interest in the story anymore, I was in the middle of a great novel that I didn’t want to stop reading  to read something else. But the e-mails kept coming. I explained about the novel and that it might be a few days if not longer before I read her chapter. She wrote back in understanding. But she must have a horrible memory because the e-mails resumed a day later.

Chapter three made even less sense then two. By this time, chapter four was also out so I moved on to four with little hope. By now I am fully convinced that the first chapter had to have been written by someone else, and the author now must be a 13 year old child with issues. Since I have never seen this author before I am by now assuming that this is the first time she has ever written anything.  I remember being there, I even remember craving those reviews, though I never hounded anyone for them. My first stories were down right horrible, and I never would have learned anything had no one messaged me and helped me out. So I very kindly e-mailed her and told her that I would not be reading anymore of her story and why.  And I mean VERY kindly.

Her response was to go to my story and pick out any mistake she could find (which thankfully was just a couple of grammar errors) and let me know all about them. The errors she mentions I was already well aware of, I had only published the chapters as they were, with LOTS of warning at the beginning, because of high demand. It was by far not one of my favorite stories, but for some reason it seems everyone else loved it. So with the threat of virtual fruit being thrown my way, or an uprising starting if I didn’t post quickly enough, I went ahead, added the warning; then posted the chapters. But that’s neither here nor there, the fact that she went out of her way to leave me a hateful review with, ‘ah’ha’s!’ And ‘Looks like your not so perfect either!’ Remarks thrown in as well…

If I ever see another story written by Lavenderpaw, even if it’s the best story anyone has ever written before, ever. I am not touching it with a ten foot pole.

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