Write It Again – With Meaning!

Published September 1, 2011 by Iniysa

How is it, that I have started writing the first chapter of my Senkrad novel again? I know it will need to be revised, but unlike several other chapters, this one was done, I liked it! Furthermore, in the new chapter one, I wrote the whole thing in first person. Do you know how insane that is, how it will mean I will now have to re-write everything else into first person if I keep it?

But what if first person is the way this series is supposed to be told? What if this is the change I really needed? The thought of having to completely re-write the entire thing into first person is overwhelming. I can give more feeling, more depth to my characters from this point of view but…

So how do I get up the will to do this? I love to write, with everything in me. The hard part is going back, re-writing, editing, changing things I have spent hours agonizing over typing, deleting and typing again. A complete re-write though…

I’ll completely re-write the first three or four chapters, see where it takes me.

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