The Tale of the Black Forest Pig

Published September 4, 2011 by Iniysa

Before beginning my little tale, I should first tell you the story around the tale so that it makes since. I work in a deli. (Yes the vegetarian slices meat and cheese all day to pay the rent and all my other bills.)

One of our meat products is the Black Forest Ham. Now I have no clue how that particular meat got its name, just that it’s smoked and well liked. Often however, I am asked about it and it takes everything in me, not to spin a tale. I can’t do that to a customer, unfortunately; so instead I did it to a co-worker.

I have worked with this co-worker for years, she used to work full-time in the cafe with me before she transferred out. I transferred to Deli and over time she began to work wherever she was needed in the store, which of late has been with me once again. She was helping me re-fill the case when we got to the Black Forest Ham and I grinned up at her seeing my opportunity.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if I told the next customer who asks me about this ham that…” And so my short story began.


The Tale of the Black Forest Pigs

By: Lauren Freeman

In a far away country there is a forest that is so thick, it’s always as dark as night there. It’s called the Black Forest and is filled with many superstitions and dangerous beliefs. The animals that live in the forest are all either dark dwelling creatures like bats or more often animals that wandered in at some point and adapted. One such animal was a group of large, wild pigs. As time went by, the pigs offspring began to be able to see in the dark the same as we are able to see in the light. Now. over the course of many, many years the forest is now over run by these animals.

It wasn’t until foreigners who don’t take a lot of stock in silly superstitions and beliefs decided to put on night vision goggles and go explore this deep forest filled with these strange large swine’s who eyes glowed an almost goldish green color. At first the hunters were scared, was their stock in those superstitions? Were these creatures evil demons? The three men gathered their courage and decided to move forward. One particularly brave man decided he was going to hunt one of the pigs, and although these pigs had become fast they were no match for the hunters bullets.

Sitting by the fire, watching their catch roast, they began to realize that all of the creatures of the forest were staying far away from them now. The hunter who had killed the pig stated it was because they were afraid of him now, he had obviously proven hat they were the deadliest in the food chain here. Another man, who had a more scientific mind however realized that it was probably because of the bright fire. Even to him, who had only been in the Black Forest for a day, had trouble looking at the fire, as the light hurt his eyes.

When the pig was done cooking, the now ravenous hunters began to devour the poor animal quickly finding that the taste of this pig was the best they had ever had. Was it just this one pig? They hunted another one the next day and found it tasted much the same.

“Maybe it’s how they live?” One hunter stated, in between bites.

“Or what ever it eats.” The scientist of the group mumbled, trying to figure out if he had seen what the pigs had been eating. It didn’t matter. Before long the large Black Forest was known for it’s succulent pork, the pigs of which were bought and sold all over they world. And that is where Black Forest Ham comes from.

The End


I looked up, finished now with the case only to see my co-worker standing there with her mouth open, eyes wide.

“Really? I didn’t know that!” I rolled my eyes and laughed.

“It’s not true, I just made all that up. I said wouldn’t it be funny if I told customers that.” I laughed.

“It’s not real? I thought it was real!” She groaned and walked away. I began to laugh hysterically (I hadn’t slept the night before so I was quite loopy by 9:00PM) then the power went out. I took that as a sight that I should just close down and go home, so I did.

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