Are Gift Cards Personal?

Published September 13, 2011 by Iniysa

My mom messaged me asking what I wanted for my birthday. She became upset when I said gift cards to places like iTunes, Kindle and Half Price Books. Gift cards to the movie theater would be well used as well. Or better yet get me internet for my apartment!

She stated her usual about gifts cards not being personal and I told her gift cards could be very personal! A. They’re not going to reclutter my apt. B. I can get exactly what I want, and not have to worry about return policies. C.  As long as it’s to a place I ask for they will make me VERY happy. D. If you really need to personalize something, make it the card you put the gift card in!

Thank you for reading today’s very short rant. This rant is brought to you by parents, birthdays (and inevitably Christmas), clutter, and the uncanny fear of becoming one of those hoarders I see on TV.

3 comments on “Are Gift Cards Personal?

  • I prefer gift cards personally, this way I can at least get what I want and save my family or friends the trouble of trying to figure out right? sounds selfish but that’s just my thought 🙂

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