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Night Out

Published December 11, 2011 by Iniysa

My ears feel like they should be bleeding. But that’s nothing compared to my throat.

I don’t go out much, not like that. Okay, perhaps I should say: at all. A friend of mine at work had her birthday yesterday and invited two of us out to the local pub where the band The Be Sharps (comprised of all co-workers from the Starbucks in our parking lot) they were really good! Somehow word spread and two people coming turned into four and in the end eleven. Only seven of actually made it, everyone of us there working in my department with the exception of an employee from the dairy department. We ignored the thick cigarette smoke in the air and are all regretting that now, as well as sitting at the table a mere three feet from the band. There was a lot of yelling, with our hands cupped around the ear of the person we were trying to talk to. (They still could not hear us.)

The next band was Letters to Voltron. Good God they were bad. Sometimes they had a beat, sometimes. Their music was comprised of mostly random hard noise and screaming. We all drank a lot at this point, determined to stay and see The Be Sharps again after Voltron was done. The mother of our group and I had fun pretending to head bang and play our air guitar much to the shock and awe of the rest of our overworked group. Here was the shy, quiet, introvert who rarely goes out and the older, mature, friendly, mother figure standing in the corner of our large wood table head banging and playing the air guitar to the none beat. It was fun! We all agreed that Letters to Voltron, no longer needed to send letters back to their home planet, but should instead go back there themselves and not return.

After the bar, at 1:30AM (A time our birthday girl had not seen since she was in her twenties) (Now in her forties) we all dragged ourselves over to Denny’s where there Ultimate Skillet (with no sausage) never, ever tasted so good before. I doubt it will ever taste that good again and I ate every crumb off that skillet.

Naturally this is the time we all decided to check our schedules to see what time we have to be up. Our mother figure: 6AM, Me: 7:30AM the rest of them were either off or had a shift that started in the PM.  (They suck!) I woke up a mere three hours after going to bed, feeling sleep deprived with a severely sore throat and burning ears. Mother figure was much the same. There was a lot of Ibuprofen involved at the beginning, middle and end of our shift.