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Published July 19, 2012 by Iniysa

So I’m in line at the Batman premier, I came to this line having never even seen the first two, lol. Hey don’t look at my page like that! I was going to see them but things happen and I didn’t get to. So since I knew I was going to be in line for twelve hours I brought the two movies with me. (Yes I own both movies and STILL had not seen them.) So setting up my chair in my spot in line (OMG for the first time in a very long time, I am not first in line! People came earlier then noon to beat me to the front. I am however in the first row of many so I will still get good seats, just maybe not the ones I like the most.) I left John in the line and headed to a table in the theaters restaurant to plug in and watch both movies back to back.

They were both amazing! I wish I had gotten to see them on the big screen. But the point it, I did eventually see them and BEFORE I saw the new Batman which we (all the people in line, and there will soon be over 300 of us) are trying to drown out  said movie as the theater employees watch a special screening of it.  I can already say that it’s going to be LOUD. And that’s with the doors closed. It does not help that the employees keep coming in and out, then we can hear everything. Oh well.

So, greetings from the line, five and a half hours until launch!


First Walk

Published July 16, 2012 by Iniysa

So today I took my first hour long walk, it felt great to be moving again, and I can already tell you that I am sore, lol. It’s been way to long when mere walking makes you sore. The cold shower was a welcome relief. As I was walking through the park I used to walk all the time; I remembered as I passed them, that this park is also a challenge course. On the side of the long winding sidewalk through woods and around lot’s of soccer fields, are challenges. Equipment to challenge you in more then just running and walking. Pull up bars, crunch pad, swinging bars, a balance beam etc. So if I have the time, which I didn’t today due to an incoming storm; I’m going to try and go back around after my running is done and TRY to do the challenges. It would be fun!  And now for some picture from today’s walk!

1. The storm in the distance. This is what I would imagine a massive snow avalanche would look like, coming down a mountain. That would be scary.

2. The flood water has reseeded at last. Now the park looks more like a swamp then a raging river.


Published June 27, 2012 by Iniysa

The brain is an amazing part of the body, there is so much about it we don’t know or understand. The CPU of our body which can only be run with our fuel pump, the heart. Sometimes it will do something so amazing, so mind boggling that you have to wonder…

Some odd months ago, I’m not sure when; I was at work when suddenly I knew things, I knew a lot of things in fact. My co-workers and I were trying to help a fellow co-worker with her college algebra problems and government homework. Normally I just chime in randomly on the rare occasion I knew something with the math portion, math and I are not friends. We’re maybe-sorta acquaintances in fact, addition and subtraction are on my side as long as you don’t give me more then three number digits. Multiplication and division can be done with a pencil or paper involved.  Start adding letters and I’m a goner. Government however, I’m okay with; just don’t try to get me involved in a political debate, I hate them and will dislike you for trying to pull me into an argument I don’t want to have. We all are entitled our own opinions… even if yours is wrong. 🙂

Back on subject, this day was like every other day, I was slicing animal bodies up for human consumption (disgusting!) and Evett was calling out math problems to the portion of the group who knows math; when suddenly I knew the answer, in fact I not only knew the answers, I knew how I got to them. Like a light switch had been flipped upward in my brain, everything made sense and was easy. I started calling out how the equations should be done then told her if she had the right answers. We of course verified these answers before she put them down on paper. It was like I had entered the Twilight Zone. The left half of my brain was suddenly awake and alive and for five hours I used it as much as I could, even asking people to come up with problems so that I could answer them. It was fun and I loved it. The next day it was gone. My co-workers still think I am joking when I state that I don’t know the answers anymore. Or do I? What happened that day…?

In the time since I have often gone back to that day wondering… my only guess is that my neurons were moving to connect to a new synapse and in the progress made a brief connection to a synapse that connects to the other half of my brain. For a moment, I learned that everything I learned growing up is in fact up there… perhaps there is just little to no connection…

So, how do I re-connect?

The Great Change

Published June 19, 2012 by Iniysa

After doing a lot of research, I have decided what life style changes I am going to make next and exactly how I am going to do them. I am very excited! My Mom K thinks that I am not happy, and this change will make me more unhappy. I can’t seem to get through to her that I AM happy and that this is just the next step in an exciting adventure.

So what is the big change that will start controversy among the people around me? As of July 9th I will start this big life style change by detoxing with a long Juice Fast. I start my vacation that day so for ten days I will not be surrounded by temptation . During this time I am going to be asking for new juicing recipes and ideas!

My next change will be going from Vegetarian back to Vegan, and not just a Vegan, a plant-based vegan! Now you might be thinking, isn’t a vegan diet plant based anyways? The answer is, now days? No. Not really. There are vegan foods that have so much chemicals that it’s not the same. Besides I want to loose weight here, that’s my first big goal with this, along with adopting a healthy lifestyle I will enjoy. This means I am cutting most oils out of my diet. All oils are pure fat. So I will be using alternatives in my recipes. But I have a while and a lot more research for this one, before it’s upon me.

So, back to the fasting. In preparation: First I need to eat or get rid of basically everything in my fridge and a lot form my pantry too. Buy what I am going to need for at least the first few days and be prepared not to have any plans for the first three days. Just before I start I will be getting a fasting cholesterol check, my weight checked and a before picture done.

So why am I waiting so long to do this when I could be ready in just a few days? Vacation. After my vacation requests had been denied, denied then denied again; finally one was approved. But it’s not until July 9th.

One last thing, I will be trying to keep you up to date with where I am in the fasting then the plant based life style change. I want to say I will update daily, but I know myself.  So at least once a week, then.  I will also keep you up to date with the prep work. The big clean out needs to happen anyways, but it might just be a nightmare. Which is why I haven’t done it yet. 🙂

I also want to post information that I learn while I am doing this. I’ll be trying a lot of new fruits and veggies, so why not share the experience!

Wish me luck!

Night Out

Published December 11, 2011 by Iniysa

My ears feel like they should be bleeding. But that’s nothing compared to my throat.

I don’t go out much, not like that. Okay, perhaps I should say: at all. A friend of mine at work had her birthday yesterday and invited two of us out to the local pub where the band The Be Sharps (comprised of all co-workers from the Starbucks in our parking lot) they were really good! Somehow word spread and two people coming turned into four and in the end eleven. Only seven of actually made it, everyone of us there working in my department with the exception of an employee from the dairy department. We ignored the thick cigarette smoke in the air and are all regretting that now, as well as sitting at the table a mere three feet from the band. There was a lot of yelling, with our hands cupped around the ear of the person we were trying to talk to. (They still could not hear us.)

The next band was Letters to Voltron. Good God they were bad. Sometimes they had a beat, sometimes. Their music was comprised of mostly random hard noise and screaming. We all drank a lot at this point, determined to stay and see The Be Sharps again after Voltron was done. The mother of our group and I had fun pretending to head bang and play our air guitar much to the shock and awe of the rest of our overworked group. Here was the shy, quiet, introvert who rarely goes out and the older, mature, friendly, mother figure standing in the corner of our large wood table head banging and playing the air guitar to the none beat. It was fun! We all agreed that Letters to Voltron, no longer needed to send letters back to their home planet, but should instead go back there themselves and not return.

After the bar, at 1:30AM (A time our birthday girl had not seen since she was in her twenties) (Now in her forties) we all dragged ourselves over to Denny’s where there Ultimate Skillet (with no sausage) never, ever tasted so good before. I doubt it will ever taste that good again and I ate every crumb off that skillet.

Naturally this is the time we all decided to check our schedules to see what time we have to be up. Our mother figure: 6AM, Me: 7:30AM the rest of them were either off or had a shift that started in the PM.  (They suck!) I woke up a mere three hours after going to bed, feeling sleep deprived with a severely sore throat and burning ears. Mother figure was much the same. There was a lot of Ibuprofen involved at the beginning, middle and end of our shift.

The Sounds of Writing

Published September 21, 2011 by Iniysa

What do you listen to when you write? Most will say music, which is my preference; however as I was sitting at the restaurant I prefer to write at I got to wondering what it was about this restaurant that made my muse so active that other places didn’t.

Atmosphere is a big one I suppose, Denny’s and Taco Bell’s A/C are kept at artic levels and I feel strange walking around in 112°F heat with a heavy jacket over my arm. But I think sound is the key.

I have two favorite writing restaurants, the local hole in the wall pizza place (Paul’s Pizza) where there is only one booth with an outlet and no wifi. And Bullritos where every booth has outlet and free wifi.

Both restaurants are friendly, the staff knows my name, what I order and where ill be sitting. And the sound beyond the music is of people talking and laughing. The staff having warm conversations with the public and themselves. I hear lite, happy sounds and I focus in on my keyboard, letting the words flow.

Taco Bells is to quite. If they have music at all I can’t hear it, and the staff mainly talk to each other in Spanish. I get little to no writing done there, even bundled up in my heavy jacket.

Denny’s on the other hand has in general a hectic noise. People coming in for meetings, on a deadline, or stressing over homework. The staff is yelling at each other for one reason or another, and again I find myself having trouble letting my creative juices flow.

I’ve tried dozens of other restaurants around town, but the sounds are wrong, not inviting. The sounds of staff wanting me to leave so that they don’t have to refill my glass anymore.

On nice days I’ve tried to write at the park. The atmosphere is almost perfect, the only time there is any real stress is when I have to 7get up for any reason, I can’t just ask someone I know to watch my things; I have to stop, close and drag everything with me, turn  hope my spot will still be there when I return.

The sounds are completely different then restaurants. Unless you turn on the music yourself, it’s mostly very quite. You can here the wind passing gently through the leaves of the trees. Children laughing in the distance, but mostly the sound of feet hitting the pavement, scooters rolling past and bicycle tires going by. Occasionally you will here people talking as they walk or sit near you. I often find myself very distracted here, there is so much visually and for someplace so quite there is a lot of sudden noise.

So where is your favorite place to write away from home? What noises make it your spot?

The Tale of the Black Forest Pig

Published September 4, 2011 by Iniysa

Before beginning my little tale, I should first tell you the story around the tale so that it makes since. I work in a deli. (Yes the vegetarian slices meat and cheese all day to pay the rent and all my other bills.)

One of our meat products is the Black Forest Ham. Now I have no clue how that particular meat got its name, just that it’s smoked and well liked. Often however, I am asked about it and it takes everything in me, not to spin a tale. I can’t do that to a customer, unfortunately; so instead I did it to a co-worker.

I have worked with this co-worker for years, she used to work full-time in the cafe with me before she transferred out. I transferred to Deli and over time she began to work wherever she was needed in the store, which of late has been with me once again. She was helping me re-fill the case when we got to the Black Forest Ham and I grinned up at her seeing my opportunity.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if I told the next customer who asks me about this ham that…” And so my short story began.


The Tale of the Black Forest Pigs

By: Lauren Freeman

In a far away country there is a forest that is so thick, it’s always as dark as night there. It’s called the Black Forest and is filled with many superstitions and dangerous beliefs. The animals that live in the forest are all either dark dwelling creatures like bats or more often animals that wandered in at some point and adapted. One such animal was a group of large, wild pigs. As time went by, the pigs offspring began to be able to see in the dark the same as we are able to see in the light. Now. over the course of many, many years the forest is now over run by these animals.

It wasn’t until foreigners who don’t take a lot of stock in silly superstitions and beliefs decided to put on night vision goggles and go explore this deep forest filled with these strange large swine’s who eyes glowed an almost goldish green color. At first the hunters were scared, was their stock in those superstitions? Were these creatures evil demons? The three men gathered their courage and decided to move forward. One particularly brave man decided he was going to hunt one of the pigs, and although these pigs had become fast they were no match for the hunters bullets.

Sitting by the fire, watching their catch roast, they began to realize that all of the creatures of the forest were staying far away from them now. The hunter who had killed the pig stated it was because they were afraid of him now, he had obviously proven hat they were the deadliest in the food chain here. Another man, who had a more scientific mind however realized that it was probably because of the bright fire. Even to him, who had only been in the Black Forest for a day, had trouble looking at the fire, as the light hurt his eyes.

When the pig was done cooking, the now ravenous hunters began to devour the poor animal quickly finding that the taste of this pig was the best they had ever had. Was it just this one pig? They hunted another one the next day and found it tasted much the same.

“Maybe it’s how they live?” One hunter stated, in between bites.

“Or what ever it eats.” The scientist of the group mumbled, trying to figure out if he had seen what the pigs had been eating. It didn’t matter. Before long the large Black Forest was known for it’s succulent pork, the pigs of which were bought and sold all over they world. And that is where Black Forest Ham comes from.

The End


I looked up, finished now with the case only to see my co-worker standing there with her mouth open, eyes wide.

“Really? I didn’t know that!” I rolled my eyes and laughed.

“It’s not true, I just made all that up. I said wouldn’t it be funny if I told customers that.” I laughed.

“It’s not real? I thought it was real!” She groaned and walked away. I began to laugh hysterically (I hadn’t slept the night before so I was quite loopy by 9:00PM) then the power went out. I took that as a sight that I should just close down and go home, so I did.