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Published July 19, 2012 by Iniysa

So I’m in line at the Batman premier, I came to this line having never even seen the first two, lol. Hey don’t look at my page like that! I was going to see them but things happen and I didn’t get to. So since I knew I was going to be in line for twelve hours I brought the two movies with me. (Yes I own both movies and STILL had not seen them.) So setting up my chair in my spot in line (OMG for the first time in a very long time, I am not first in line! People came earlier then noon to beat me to the front. I am however in the first row of many so I will still get good seats, just maybe not the ones I like the most.) I left John in the line and headed to a table in the theaters restaurant to plug in and watch both movies back to back.

They were both amazing! I wish I had gotten to see them on the big screen. But the point it, I did eventually see them and BEFORE I saw the new Batman which we (all the people in line, and there will soon be over 300 of us) are trying to drown out  said movie as the theater employees watch a special screening of it.  I can already say that it’s going to be LOUD. And that’s with the doors closed. It does not help that the employees keep coming in and out, then we can hear everything. Oh well.

So, greetings from the line, five and a half hours until launch!


Dark Shadow

Published September 30, 2011 by Iniysa

Today was a busy day in the deli. A crowed of people stood at the counter waiting for food or service. It was 1:25 PM, and  the entire store went suddenly dark, like a dark shadow passed though from the right side of the store to the left. It was very quick, my entire crew and I stopped what we were doing.

“Did anyone else see that?” Sandy, our lead; asked. We all nodded, “Good, because I thought I was going blind.”

We then began to talk about what we thought it was before we turned to the customers to ask what they thought. That’s when we found out that no one else seen it. Our customers were looking at us like we were insane.

So what was the dark shadow? What do you think?