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First Walk

Published July 16, 2012 by Iniysa

So today I took my first hour long walk, it felt great to be moving again, and I can already tell you that I am sore, lol. It’s been way to long when mere walking makes you sore. The cold shower was a welcome relief. As I was walking through the park I used to walk all the time; I remembered as I passed them, that this park is also a challenge course. On the side of the long winding sidewalk through woods and around lot’s of soccer fields, are challenges. Equipment to challenge you in more then just running and walking. Pull up bars, crunch pad, swinging bars, a balance beam etc. So if I have the time, which I didn’t today due to an incoming storm; I’m going to try and go back around after my running is done and TRY to do the challenges. It would be fun!  And now for some picture from today’s walk!

1. The storm in the distance. This is what I would imagine a massive snow avalanche would look like, coming down a mountain. That would be scary.

2. The flood water has reseeded at last. Now the park looks more like a swamp then a raging river.


Hurricane Season

Published August 26, 2011 by Iniysa

I watch in wonder, curiosity, excitement as the great storm moves. I close my eyes and pray that everyone makes it out okay in NYC and everywhere the storm hits, then at the same time wish desperately that I was there! Born, raised and having never lived anywhere away from Houston, Texas; I have been in my share of hurricanes without a doubt. Down here we have hurricane parties and wait for it with smiles and excitement. But for the life of me, I have never heard of a hurricane hitting New York! I’m sure one has before, but nothing comes to mind. Is the great island hurricane proofed? Were the buildings built and maintained for these great storms? Did the people closest to the water build their homes above ground? Here, we are prepared for the heavy winds, flooding and torrential rain. We stock up on perishable foods, flashlights and the most important thing of all, battery-powered electronics (FANS!). The wort part of the hurricane for me, is the lack of power (A/C!) for weeks on end.

But what of New York? Are you prepared?  buckle down, enjoy the ride, (the first is always scary.) And most importantly, stay safe!! Good luck and see you on the other side.