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Weight Check In Day 6

Published July 14, 2012 by Iniysa

So on a whim I checked my weight this morning. 270, the 6.8 pounds lost in two days! I wonder what I weighed Monday? I really wish I knew now. Judging by the fact that my face has a little definition now, probably in the 280’s somewhere, maybe more.

I must confess that I am not completely doing a juice fast. Juice has  become more of a meal replacement instead. I am drinking two juices  and eating one plant based vegan meal a day. I just don’t have the will power yet to drink nothing but juice so this is my alliterative. It seems to be working!

I have created a plan to be able to run full on for two hours straight by December. The goal is to wake up every morning from then on and run for two hours. Why I need to do be doing this, I don’t know; I have been receiving these missions from God for awhile now and this is the latest of them. For the first week I will be walking an hour to get used to moving again. It does not really matter where I go, just as long as I turn around after thirty minutes. Then for the next two weeks I will be walking for 9 minutes and running for one for the full hour. Then for two weeks walking 8 minutes, running 2. Followed by two weeks of 7:3, 6:4, then at 5:5 I will move on to an hour and a half. Moving on to two weeks of 4:6, 3:7, 2:8. At 1:9 I will move forward to going for two hours until I am running full on without any walking. After I am used to this, I can work on speed. No doubt my running will look more like a slow jog at this point, lol! But if I stick to my plan I will be able to do this! And this is of course going every day, morning or evening based on my schedule and the weather. (On the rare occasion that it’s cooler, I can go anytime.)

SO here I go! Today’s walk will take me to the rivers. I want to see if they are still as high as they were yesterday.


Day 0 Start Again

Published July 12, 2012 by Iniysa

I broke, sigh. I was hungry, I forgot to bring a juice when I went out with my friend, and when he started to eat… So I will be starting all over again tomorrow. I CAN do this, it’s just a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. At least I know this going in to redo my day one.

I have to loose weight now, I now have a goal! Today when John and I got together it was to begin writing a movie script. I was originally only supposed to film it with a few walk on parts as an extra. Now I will be filming it and playing a very main character.  I’m already working on how I am going to be doing both at the same time, lol. It involves tripods, 🙂 Anyways for the beginning of the film I’m fat, so I will be fine for the first part. However when we beginning shooting the rest and bulk of the film in October, I will need to be a much smaller size. So I have to focus! None of this breaking the fast on a whim of hunger. And I’m going to need to start working out earlier then planned if I am going to be the right size for this roll by October!

So here I go again…

This time I will leave you with my current weight, I finally got a battery for my scale.

276.8 pounds… ouch

In the Beginning Day 1

Published July 9, 2012 by Iniysa

13:30 (1:30 PM) Central Standard Time

So the day has finally come for my long fast to begin. I have pain reliever ready for the headaches I know are coming from the soon to be Dr Pepper withdrawal symptoms. It’s good that I am on vacation for this, I have no patients at all when I am in caffeine withdrawal, and can get quite nasty to people who talk to me, look at me, glance at me, come within a twenty foot radius of me…

With the many ‘well wishes’, ‘good lucks’ and ‘you’re insane’ messages to help me begin I embark on the long, hard journey to loose weight, create endurance and become physically fit. No more yo-yo dieting, I am making life style changes that are healthy and will keep me going in the right direction. I am doing it for me, I am doing it under God’s orders, and it all begins with a fast.

As thunder rolls outside, I come to realize that I bought the wrong battery for my scale. So I run to my Wii Fit, those batteries are dead too… Great… I glance out my window, I can run to work and use the scale there… but it’s pouring down rain… sigh… perhaps I am not to know how much I weigh? Or more likely, how much I have to loose. Suffice to say, I know I am near 300 pounds. I will try and get to the store at some point today and weigh myself for a proper reading. Until then I will drink my Strawberry, Banana, Apple juice slowly to try to make it last longer… 🙂

I am also in need of that before picture…

Yesterday, was a long day. I had planned to eat all of my favorites for my ‘last meal’, but that didn’t really work out. The cafe I helped open, put so much of my blood, sweat and tears into, was closing. Somehow most of the crew that was there at the beginning was still there in the end. So together we took it apart, sold the last of our food and said goodbye. We finished the night by heading to the pub where we drank,  remembered and toasted to new beginnings whatever those might be. So for me it was more then just the end of cheese, butter, oils and for a little while at least, food. It was the end of an era. The end of the days of working in the nice calm cafe when the deli became to overwhelming. Where will work now, when I need sanctuary from the inanity that is the deli? Yesterdays blog title would have been called: The End, because it was, in so many ways. But today is a new beginning, and it’s time to move forward.

Where Does the Good Go?

Published January 4, 2011 by Iniysa

What do you do when your life has decided to stay in one long bad moment? How do you force yourself to get out of bed in the morning? Face the people who like to go out of there way and make it worse? How do you take that first step every day knowing that what waits for you is even more misery and bad moments? When does the good out weight the bad? When do you face the fact, again; that this is just life?Right now your not in a good place, but the world will tilt itself again and at some point the odds have to turn out in your favor, just long enough to out weigh the bad times and perhaps make you forget just long enough that when the bad times hit again, and they inevitably will; you can face it.

It’s all life. You get up in the morning, because you have to hope that today will be the turning point. You take that first step, because if you don’t things will only get worse. You face the people who will dish out there own life problem on you because every once in awhile there is that one person, having a good moment, that will make you smile for the first time in you can’t remember. That one person that will keep you afloat, even if just for that day.

God knows life is hard, he is always sending out life rafts to those in need of them. Will you see it when it gets to you? Or will you pass by it, to far gone in your own misery to notice the blinding light standing beside you?

Where does the good go? And how do we get it back?

Eating Vegetarian: Faux Meat: Gardenburger® Black Bean Chipotle Veggie Burger

Published March 16, 2010 by Iniysa

Eating Vegetarian: Faux Meat: Gardenburger® Black Bean Chipotle Veggie Burger

GB Blackbean

One word, yum! A little bit of welcome spice and the taste of black bean salad on a bun! A little bit of salad dressing, a slice of cheese and of course tomatoes.

I wish I had some cilantro, it would have completed the burger perfectly I think.

I’m afraid that I am probably eating way more crabs then I normally ever do, with chips, bread for sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs. So as a side I had six cucumbers lightly salted with just a tiny bit of ranch dressing. I am full, and very happy.

I am very excited about this new find!

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Eating Vegetarian with Faux Meat – Light Life Smart Dogs® Jumbo

Published March 15, 2010 by Iniysa

Eating Vegetarian with Faux Meat – Light Life Smart Dogs® Jumbo

Smart dogs jumbo

My roommates looked at me like I was insane when I put these jumbo dogs this in my basket. But of the two fake meat products in my cart, this one looked the most like the actual food it is imitating. Besides I want hotdogs! I like to cut them up and put them in my macaroni and cheese. Or in this case, make a good, old fashion hotdog.

On whole wheat bread I place my hot dog, and squirt ketchup and mustard on the sides. A minute and a half after finally getting the dog OUT of the package it was hot and ready to eat. Got to love a quick lunch, I’m hungry, but not that hungry, so I only make one. Maybe I ate it to fast to taste it, but really I tasted almost no difference to this then a normal hotdog. Tonight, I think I am going to go for the Mac and cheese. I can’t wait!

Oh, and who ever it was who said, eww at my choice of hotdog toppings, I did hear you… 🙂

I am quickly becoming excited for pay day to come around so that I get more fake meat items, this is really fun, exciting and slightly scary.

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Eating Vegetarian with Faux Meat: Light Life Smart Deli® Turkey

Published March 14, 2010 by Iniysa

Eating Vegetarian with Faux Meat: Light Life Smart Deli® Turkey


My first look at the fake meat made me almost stick it back into the fridge. Wow, it looks about as bad as the thought of meat makes me feel. Eww! My first taste, a tiny sliver made me pause. It held the tiny bit of turkey taste, but did not taste bad. So with a heavy sigh and a long pause, I placed two slices on my sandwich, then added Jalapeño cheese, tomatoes, lite salad dressing and a little bit of mustard on whole wheat bread. The ending result was a very delicious sandwich! It had all my favorite flavors including the turkey.

On the side I had the HEB (Texas grocery store) Brand Rice and Auzuki Bean Chips, and a glass of milk. In my store you have to fight for these chips, they are so amazingly delicious. I have only bought Natural Salt so far as I’m addicted. The milk is also HEB brand, this special milk tastes better then any regular milk, and it’s packed with Omega-3s! BONOUS! Now for my bottle of water, before I go searching for a Dr. Pepper. Right now, I still can’t live without DP, or maybe people don’t want to live with me when I haven’t had a DP? <G>


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