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In the Beginning Day 1

Published July 9, 2012 by Iniysa

13:30 (1:30 PM) Central Standard Time

So the day has finally come for my long fast to begin. I have pain reliever ready for the headaches I know are coming from the soon to be Dr Pepper withdrawal symptoms. It’s good that I am on vacation for this, I have no patients at all when I am in caffeine withdrawal, and can get quite nasty to people who talk to me, look at me, glance at me, come within a twenty foot radius of me…

With the many ‘well wishes’, ‘good lucks’ and ‘you’re insane’ messages to help me begin I embark on the long, hard journey to loose weight, create endurance and become physically fit. No more yo-yo dieting, I am making life style changes that are healthy and will keep me going in the right direction. I am doing it for me, I am doing it under God’s orders, and it all begins with a fast.

As thunder rolls outside, I come to realize that I bought the wrong battery for my scale. So I run to my Wii Fit, those batteries are dead too… Great… I glance out my window, I can run to work and use the scale there… but it’s pouring down rain… sigh… perhaps I am not to know how much I weigh? Or more likely, how much I have to loose. Suffice to say, I know I am near 300 pounds. I will try and get to the store at some point today and weigh myself for a proper reading. Until then I will drink my Strawberry, Banana, Apple juice slowly to try to make it last longer… 🙂

I am also in need of that before picture…

Yesterday, was a long day. I had planned to eat all of my favorites for my ‘last meal’, but that didn’t really work out. The cafe I helped open, put so much of my blood, sweat and tears into, was closing. Somehow most of the crew that was there at the beginning was still there in the end. So together we took it apart, sold the last of our food and said goodbye. We finished the night by heading to the pub where we drank,  remembered and toasted to new beginnings whatever those might be. So for me it was more then just the end of cheese, butter, oils and for a little while at least, food. It was the end of an era. The end of the days of working in the nice calm cafe when the deli became to overwhelming. Where will work now, when I need sanctuary from the inanity that is the deli? Yesterdays blog title would have been called: The End, because it was, in so many ways. But today is a new beginning, and it’s time to move forward.


Hurricane Season

Published August 26, 2011 by Iniysa

I watch in wonder, curiosity, excitement as the great storm moves. I close my eyes and pray that everyone makes it out okay in NYC and everywhere the storm hits, then at the same time wish desperately that I was there! Born, raised and having never lived anywhere away from Houston, Texas; I have been in my share of hurricanes without a doubt. Down here we have hurricane parties and wait for it with smiles and excitement. But for the life of me, I have never heard of a hurricane hitting New York! I’m sure one has before, but nothing comes to mind. Is the great island hurricane proofed? Were the buildings built and maintained for these great storms? Did the people closest to the water build their homes above ground? Here, we are prepared for the heavy winds, flooding and torrential rain. We stock up on perishable foods, flashlights and the most important thing of all, battery-powered electronics (FANS!). The wort part of the hurricane for me, is the lack of power (A/C!) for weeks on end.

But what of New York? Are you prepared?  buckle down, enjoy the ride, (the first is always scary.) And most importantly, stay safe!! Good luck and see you on the other side.

Writing Update

Published July 7, 2010 by Iniysa

Writing Update

The Senkrad Series – My Novels

Slowly but surely things are coming together with my novel. Ideas are shifting, characters are gaining more personality and showing there true natures, and the major plot is coming together. With that said, I still have not written much. All of it is on paper right now as my computer is acting up, and a lot of the ideas and shorts bits of the story I have written out have been while I was at work. So my next step, I think; for this project will be to get what I have copied down into my computer where by backup drive can store it in case my computer decides to stop completely.


My Transformers fan fiction is coming close to its ending. After coming to the chapter where I had originally decided to finish it, I realized that there were a few other things that needed to happen. I have the next chapter completed; my next step is to edit it and post. In the meantime I have an idea for the next three chapters that will be the last for Sparks.

The Next Great Storm

None of this story has been posted yet, it is a Thunderbirds Fan Fiction I have had floating around in my head for awhile now but did not want to start until I had finished Sparks. If you’re a writer you will understand how impossible that can be. For me once a good idea appears in my head, it begins to build, soon you feel like you’re going to explode if you don’t get it out somehow, somewhere and to top it off you can’t think of anything else you are writing until you do. So out on paper it came, and then quickly transferred onto my computer. It is growing much bigger (probably not longer though) then any story I have ever written. This one is going to be the one that will help me write my novel the most.

The majority of my writings are from only one characters point of view. If it shifts, it’s to another well known character. In Sparks I broke out of that and wrote from many POV’s, but I still knew those characters. For The Next Great Storm I have all these brand new characters appearing and making them selves known. I am writing from the POV of these unknown characters and it is amazing! I’m building these people’s little corners of the world and the other people in these corners. Then I get to tie them together with my main character, who is the center of the story but by all means has had his scenes cut dramatically.

I am also bringing in my technical skills which I did not even know I had until my story Alone was written. Who knew I could think up exactly how the things I created for my stories worked and what all they can do, then describe it? I didn’t, that was never something I had tried to do before, at least not to that extent.

Anyway, I am very excited about this story, I don’t have it divided into chapters yet, and I still have a little ways to go before it’s complete; but I have a good idea where it’s going now (something I struggled with more then I like) and am excited to see it move forward!

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