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First Walk

Published July 16, 2012 by Iniysa

So today I took my first hour long walk, it felt great to be moving again, and I can already tell you that I am sore, lol. It’s been way to long when mere walking makes you sore. The cold shower was a welcome relief. As I was walking through the park I used to walk all the time; I remembered as I passed them, that this park is also a challenge course. On the side of the long winding sidewalk through woods and around lot’s of soccer fields, are challenges. Equipment to challenge you in more then just running and walking. Pull up bars, crunch pad, swinging bars, a balance beam etc. So if I have the time, which I didn’t today due to an incoming storm; I’m going to try and go back around after my running is done and TRY to do the challenges. It would be fun!  And now for some picture from today’s walk!

1. The storm in the distance. This is what I would imagine a massive snow avalanche would look like, coming down a mountain. That would be scary.

2. The flood water has reseeded at last. Now the park looks more like a swamp then a raging river.


Weight Check In Day 6

Published July 14, 2012 by Iniysa

So on a whim I checked my weight this morning. 270, the 6.8 pounds lost in two days! I wonder what I weighed Monday? I really wish I knew now. Judging by the fact that my face has a little definition now, probably in the 280’s somewhere, maybe more.

I must confess that I am not completely doing a juice fast. Juice has  become more of a meal replacement instead. I am drinking two juices  and eating one plant based vegan meal a day. I just don’t have the will power yet to drink nothing but juice so this is my alliterative. It seems to be working!

I have created a plan to be able to run full on for two hours straight by December. The goal is to wake up every morning from then on and run for two hours. Why I need to do be doing this, I don’t know; I have been receiving these missions from God for awhile now and this is the latest of them. For the first week I will be walking an hour to get used to moving again. It does not really matter where I go, just as long as I turn around after thirty minutes. Then for the next two weeks I will be walking for 9 minutes and running for one for the full hour. Then for two weeks walking 8 minutes, running 2. Followed by two weeks of 7:3, 6:4, then at 5:5 I will move on to an hour and a half. Moving on to two weeks of 4:6, 3:7, 2:8. At 1:9 I will move forward to going for two hours until I am running full on without any walking. After I am used to this, I can work on speed. No doubt my running will look more like a slow jog at this point, lol! But if I stick to my plan I will be able to do this! And this is of course going every day, morning or evening based on my schedule and the weather. (On the rare occasion that it’s cooler, I can go anytime.)

SO here I go! Today’s walk will take me to the rivers. I want to see if they are still as high as they were yesterday.

The Morning Workout

Published August 22, 2010 by Iniysa

Wake up. That’s always the best first step to any morning workout.

The next step and probably the hardest would be getting out of bed. You lay in bed, eyes tightly shut going through every single reason why you need and want to get up and workout.

‘I want to loose weight.’

‘I want to fit into smaller clothes.’

‘I want to feel better about myself.’

‘I need to be healthy.’

‘I have to get out of bed sometime before work.’ Etc.

After a good half hour to an hour you roll over, open your eyes and groan. You can do this! No I can’t! Yes I can…groan.

You sit up then growl, loudly. Hair goes up in a ponytail, then you dig out your workout clothes from the place you hid them hoping to never see them again. Finally after putting them on, and thinking of every excuse why you should not do this; ‘it’s way to hot outside!’ you roll out your yoga mat and do a warm up before grabbing your phone and music and hitting the pavement.

Ten minutes later your already wanting to turn around and are thinking of all the roads that will take you right back to your front door long before your chosen route has been completed. But with every fiber of will in your body you keep going straight when said shortcuts make there appearance as they always do.

‘I got out of bed and am already out here might as well finish this!’

You pass your landmarks silently screaming with joy that you made it this far, got to keep going.

You reach the last shortcut. Your only a mile from finishing your route, but your hot, thirsty, exhausted and you realize you haven’t actually finished your route is months, you always take that last short cut. So maybe this is not a shortcut, it is the route now. You know that’s a lie you tell yourself to try and make it right. You need to do the whole route eventually. That shortcut is coming; you have to make a decision. Finally you decide to just pretend you never saw the shortcut, opps you missed it! Have to finish the full thing now, there is NO turning back.

Suddenly there it is: home, Gatorade, air conditioning, a cold shower, a bottle of water and my bed, that of course is when you realize… you’re starving.

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An Introduction

Published April 14, 2010 by Iniysa

My name is Lauren Freeman, I am an aspiring writer, currently a vegetarian and I am doing well just to get by everyday. Welcome to my life, and the life of millions of other silent voices. Of course if no one ever reads this, then I guess my voice is still just as silent.

When I sat down to write this, I was thinking of making this blog dedicated to just my writing and the effort to becoming a published author. I would try to take you through my trials, questions and successes of the entire writing process. But I have more to say.

So then I thought I would have more then one blog, but I know myself; I would quit, quickly; if I had to log out and log in as a different user every time I had something to say on a different subject. I am great at starting things, planning things in detail; but finishing? Not so much, as I said before I know myself. So more then one blog is out, should I then make each subject a different entry? Or should each blog be like a news letter, with different parts? I suppose it would depend on the length of each subject and whether or not I want a certain subject to stand on its own or not.

If I post this blog, with the hopes that I would gain readers, perhaps you can help me stay on track. Talk to me, ask me questions, make comments, challenge me, and hopefully I will inspire someone else to move forward as well.

With all of that said, let me introduce myself.  At the age of 27, I have not really gone very far. Within an hours drive from my dad’s house, I live with several room mates of which I could probably write about in length, for years. That blog entry probably would not be very pretty, so I won’t go in to detail. Though I am sure you will hear all about them as life moves forward.

I have worked in the same café for four years now, before that I worked at a café with the exact same name, owned by the same people in a different location much closer to my dad’s.

I read, write go to work as the sales lead, come home, sleep and start all over again. That is my average day. But I am striving to live a much more out going life, much to my introverted self’s horror.  In truth I started this journey in September of 2009. I joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and began spending all of my time walking/running long distances, and volunteering during every spare moment I had. I sold hundreds of over priced beers at countless concerts, sold thousands of food and drinks in concession stands at Houston Astros games (baseball). Worked event after event volunteering over 180 hours. In the end, I STILL could not raise enough money to even think about continuing when the amount I still needed appeared half way through. So I dropped out, but tried to help the teammate (we became good friends) I always walked/ran with make it the rest of the way. She did, and I volunteered at her marathon seeing her off, worked my shift then helped her limp back to the car.

September 2009 was also when I decided I was going to lose weight, and I am proud to say that I have now lost 50 pounds, and am still loosing.

2010 has been a year of changes. I am wearing clothes that have never fit me before, I am wearing make up having decided to move forward completely after my break up with my now ex-fiancé, who out of nowhere, broke up with me; leaving me homeless.

I have also applied for a better job! The long application is in, approved. I took a hard computerized test, and passed. I am now waiting on a credit check, if that is approved I will move forward to medical. Keep in mind I have not even been interviewed yet. If I get this job however, I will be moving from the Houston area, (a place I have lived in and around my entire life!) to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, just a short distance from where my sister and aunt live.  Though where in the world I will ever find the money for the move is a great mystery. But I really, really want this job, so I will make it happen. ..somehow…

The rest you will learn as I write, updating you on how events are going in my life. My weekends are currently booked with volunteer projects; you can get a much more up to date detail of what is happening, when it happens if you follow me on Twitter. My username is iniysa

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